22 Feb 2013

Red Love

red love snowred loveFor She Rocks Assignment #1, I opted for RED because it is one of my favourite colours and LOVE in honour of San Valentine.

I believe I first fell in love with red because my mother bought a velvet deep red dress for me when I was about four. Then I received a red bicycle and since then I dream about a red sport car. But until that day comes I love incorporating red in my fashion any time I can.

I wore this outfit on Valentine’s day. I didn’t have time to snap pictures so few days ago together with AOI we had a mini fashion shoot in our living room then I went outside to get few taken.

AOI is such a love, she is getting interactive and everything I do she slowly imitating me. I left my shoe there for a second, the next thing I see are her tiny feet in them. Knowing that one day she will like to wear some of my items makes me happy with this new body weight. But until then, can somebody tell her she has all the time in this world to wear my closet.

Doesn’t red look so nice on my little girl, I wonder if red will become her favourite colour one day.

When I look at my daughter, I see pure LOVE!

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  1. beautiful!

    i seriously need to wear more red. it looks lovely on you!

    1. you should try, i am sure you will look great :)

  2. I love your love for red! Your photos are fabulous! And red is fabulous too! :)

  3. I love those tights! So cute! I also like the fact that you and Miss AOI are matching :)Beautiful!

  4. Those tights are so great! Vibrant! Red is my favorite color also. It's just rich! But I also love a dark purple. I came to find out that those were some of my grandmother's favorite colors also. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. The two of you look super cute in your outfits!

    1. thank you Monique. you and your little one are going to be the most fashionable pair :)


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