28 Feb 2013


This week Click Chicks Photo Challenge’s theme is Water.
Okay, the weather is about to change soon into something warmish, but I don’t like the muddy puddles the old snow is about to create so, I want to be somewhere warm, somewhere like Hawaii or the Caribbean, dipping our feet in the water. But I can’t because I want to save up money for my summer travels in USA and Europe, all I can do is to recall our lovely summer 2012 at the lake.
feetinwaterphotos taken with iPhone 4 and edited using windows live writer picture effects colour pop


  1. I like this! Pretty great pics from a phone!

  2. What a sweet picture of both your tootsies. :)

  3. I love these pictures! I would love to be somewhere tropical. I'm sure Canada is colder than where I am, but it feels so cold to me. It's depressing. :( But I know warmer weather is coming soon, so I am excited for that.


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