4 Feb 2013

Week 5: Cold and Fun

Good Monday lovelies.
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Another week is upon us, eh? Hope your week 5 was good as it was for us.breakfast
Yesterday we went to church then home. Out of the blue I started watching re-runs of Glee on Netflix. Saturday was the most beautiful day we’ve had in ages. It was a sunny-no-clouds-just -14*, the perfect day to put on the skis. But before getting to that lovely day the is how our week started.
On Monday I tried organising the house but it went back to the mess that it’s usually within seconds. In the afternoon I took AOI to Walmart for a free photo-shoot. She enjoyed it. She loves to play cheese in front of the camera. She was adorable, I love her.
Going to the French playgroup on Tuesdays brings to my awareness how much I want to learn French. I really need to practice and watching French movies might help a little. In the afternoon I made AOI wear her dad’s hoodie and took some pictures. She reminded me of ET, awwww! So sweet.
She makes me laugh so much. She is such a great entertainer, I adore her! Few months ago one of my friends, who works at a Montessori school, invited me to go and share my knowledge about Africa, my little knowledge of Ghana that is. I went to the school on Wednesday. I love being in school. I love the smell of knowledge. The children were three to six, so it was fun to tell them how it was growing up as a child in Ghana – I might write how it was growing up in Ghana and share it on this little blog of mine.
Thursday was the coldest day it has been since the beginning of winter. I wanted to stay indoors so bad, but AOI hadn’t left the house since Tuesday so I put her warmest winter gear on and braced the cold outside on our way to the playgroup.
Great decision because when we got back home, AOI slept for nearly three hours, I had time read my favourite blogs and edit my novel.  Friday was swimming pool day. We got there before it was even opened to parents and toddlers. AOI is getting her confidence back again. We’ve stopped going after coming back from Europe. I wish could have captured the moment when she started laughing and asking me to lift her and let her jump in the water more and more. I was so happy to be there with her :).
During the week hubby organised a cross country day out with some colleagues. We rented some skies and went to one of our local parks where they have trails. I didn't take pictures of hubby skiing while pulling AOI along in her sled because I was taking part in the fun :). We took a break at the cafe in the local art gallery.  week5
That was our week 5 of 2013. Have a great week 6 Smile
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  1. Love your weekly post. It will be fun to look back. Learn French, you won't regret it plus then we can practice :)

  2. I know I do say (comment) this enough but I love your weekely posts. I love readin about your day to day happenings. I feel like I am getting SAHM burn out and that isn't good. Little AOI is so adorable all bundled up- my little guy hates whne I do that, lol!


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