18 Feb 2013

Week 7: All You Need Is Love

Hope your week 7 was fun and full of love. For me, this week went by so fast.

All You Need Is Love by Beatles/The Beatles on Grooveshark

Sunday, yesterday, after church we went to Wal-Mart Portrait Centre to pick up the photos I had taken of AOI couple of weeks ago. I was so annoyed with shop assistant because they printed extra pictures in the hope that I would pay for them. I asked what if i didn’t want them and she said they will return to the USA where they are printed. I stopped my impulsive self from ripping them in front of her. I believe it was a breach of privacy because they never told me they are going to that.

Tuesday, at the time to go to the French playgroup AOI was so sleepy I didn’t force us to leave the house in the morning. We went for a stroll in the afternoon.

Wednesday we invited AOI’s friend and mum over our place for a play-date. AOIplaydateInitially AOI’s friend, C, was scared to climb the stair but by the time they had to go home she didn’t want to stop climbing. I really enjoyed seeing AOI playing and sharing her toys with her friend and I think she enjoyed it too. Our friends enjoyed it and I suggested we organise a play date at least once a week. If we can go out for walks then great but if we can’t we’ll have the children play in the house. 

The day of love we went to our normal playgroup, I had to prepare snack this week. After playgroup we went to do food shopping for Valentine’s dinner. Getting dinner ready was overwhelming but in the end I managed to get everything ready by half six. valentinesdinnerI couldn’t go to my writer’s meet-up because we had late dinner; also I wanted to spend the evening with my husband and daughter, all we needed that day was love and love is all we needed!

Friday and Saturday were another lazy days.

Apart from going for walks and on Saturday hubby going for a skate in a public ice rink I spotted during my afternoon strolls, we spent the weekend in messy child play area in our living room.

Have a great week 8

xoxo, T.



  1. So sweeet! ~Cheers to love & sharing... The PIZZA looks delish!


  2. oh my goodness that food looks so delish!! Glad to hear you're all doing so well!!

  3. soooooooooo sweet!
    soooooooooooooo cute!
    your new follower,

  4. it sounds like you had a good week :) I'm surprised that Walmart took the liberty to print extra copies of yuor photos, usually people order exactly what they want! Your charcuterie plate looks very good and perfect for v-day. Hope this week is just as great for you!

  5. Che dolci che siete! E quel cibo sembra davvero buonissimo!! :P


  6. Seems you had great family time :) The cheese pieces are into heart shape? Lovely :)
    New follower,
    Aree With Umbrella

  7. i'm starting to plan playdates for Elyse & I'm really excited about it...she loves playing with other little kiddos!


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