25 Feb 2013

Week 8: Cabin Fever

Good Monday ladies.

Yesterday was so lovely, sunny and just –3*, AOI and I went to church – daddy came back in the afternoon. In the evening our playgroup had the toy wash I coordinate so I walked to the location.

But what a week it’s been.

Monday was Canada Family Day, yeah! Only Canadians love their family so much they give a day off from work to celebrate the family.family holiday During the day I organised our bags for the trip to Alberta the following day. In the evening we joined some friends for a lovely meal.

AOI was coughing a little the whole day but we didn’t think anything was wrong. Only around eleven she woke up shivering.

Tuesday she was very ill. Her mouth was boiling when I breastfed her. Even before I would measure her temperature I knew she was not well at all. I was torn inside about the trip. I really wanted to go to Alberta and see the Rocky Mountains but I didn’t want the hardship of a long trip affect AOI’s health.

I was getting dressed when AMI told me that it was best AOI and I stay home. Though I was a little sad, I was more relieved because we could stay in the warmth of the house and try to cure her fever, cough and runny nose.

The first night was worse for both. I didn’t sleep because my sweetheart was not comfortable. At one point I had to rest her boiling body on my chest to let my heart beat sooth her to sleep. Also, I thought that maybe my body can absorb away a little of her fever. That was her first illness and I was so powerless in front of it. Read more here

Wednesday morning she was feeling a little better. She was still weak and cuddly – something I cherished. The only thing I didn’t like was the cries that meant she was in pain and not comfortable. I tried my best to keep her happy. She had a morning bath and she loved it. She wouldn’t get out of the water. We also watched Sesame Street more than usual, she occasionally laughed but I could tell it was not the laughter of my usual bubbly girl. Eating was also difficult for her, I gave her more breast milk than usual. I cherished those moments of feeding because I know soon they will be forever over. She slept most of the day which I believe helped her get through the fever quickly. She nearly slept throughout the night, apart from getting up for her water and milk fix.

Thursday morning, the first thing she asked when she woke up were “Books and porridge'”. I knew she was feeling well. I took up her request of porridge but she didn’t eat much, just five spoonful. I was worried she was not eating enough. Everything I gave her she would just eat few bites and the push it away or play with the food making mess on the floor. I kept my cool and gave her more liquids.

I thought about going to playgroup but I thought too risky. So we stayed indoor and I could tell my daughter was having cabin fever. We had books everywhere on the floor. She would lie on the floor and look bored. I gave her a morning bath and then she had a good mid-morning nap.

I thought time was going to be stagnant but it didn’t. We were able to get through the day quite well. I read to her and when she was asleep I enjoyed my time off.

Friday we ventured outside. I waited after AOI’s nap because I wanted see people walking about in the shopping mall. Before leaving the house I trimmed AOI’s curls, around the back and thinned the top to tidy the lovely curls. AOIhaircut

Saturday was a chilling day for us. In the morning I took some pictures, a AOI did a little painting, and then wanted to practice her photographic skills, I set the camera and she clicked, this is what turned out, lol! AOItakesphotosIn the afternoon we went for a long walk. On our way back I purchased a new t-shirt. For dinner we had Thai, unusual for me to order a meal when hubby is not around but I wanted to celebrate our last day as just mother and daughter.

this week I want to share some pictures from my iPhoneweekiphonedump

Have a lovely week 9 full of sunshine, laughter and good health



  1. Glad that she is feeling better!

    America needs a day like that! They need to get some tips ;)

    The last picture made me smile. Such a cutie!

  2. Love the pics!

    Wish we had family day in the US.

    Glad AOI is doing much better.

  3. Oooooh! So sorry to hear about little AOI!
    Glad she's feeling a bit better! :)

  4. Aww! I hope your beautiful daughter feels better soon!


  5. Poor little chicken, it's so rough when they are sick! Hope she's feeling better this week :)

  6. Those curls, so gorgeous! I just love that last photo :)


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