21 Feb 2013

Winter Blossom

This week Click Chicks Photo Challenge’s theme is Nature.
Normally we don’t let the cold outside stop us from going to playgroups but today I wanted to make sure AOI doesn’t get runny nose so we stayed indoor. My daughter developed cabin fever. She was grumpy towards the end of the day, had books every where and wouldn’t stop her little frustrated cries but it was good we didn’t go out because tonight she is feeling better than this morning.
Plus, outside looks something similar to this…snowsnowday9 I took these pictures in October but nothing has changed since, maybe just a little spoilt because it is not fresh snow any longer.


  1. Beautiful photos! I know what it's like to have cabin fever. Right now we all want to head out but everyone has a cold.

  2. Love that second pic! The colors are amazing!

  3. I'm always jealous of people that live where it snows! So pretty!

    1. it's nice but once it melts, it's horrible mud and dust... not pretty at all :)


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