19 Mar 2013

Bright Now! Dental - Family Choice in Sterling, Va Dentists

Guest Post by Quincy W

Sterling, Virginia is quite the place of geographic convenience. Nestled closely to Washington DC, Baltimore, and Bethesda, Sterling walks the line well between country community and modernized city-center. And when it comes to many of the area human services, this same comfortable feel and philosophy often applies. You can certainly say this of Bright Now! Dental.

Bright Now! Dental is the premier, sterling, va dentist, with office located just off Route-7 between Claude Moore Park and the GWU campus. Bright Now! is all about providing a family friendly experience while also giving the very best in modern dentistry to every patient. Dr. Mazin Alayssami and Dr. Mohammad Eghtessad provide the practice’s exceptional general dentistry services, and Dr. Pisa Chaddad specializes in periodontics. And whether you are a young, first-timer, wiggly and nervous, or a seasoned veteran of dental visits, Bright Now!’s entire expert team will make sure your visit is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

The practice also shines when it comes to variety of services performed. Patients benefit from expert:
- Cleanings
- Checkups
- X-rays
- Dental crowns
- Fillings
- Bridges
- Implants
- Braces
- Dentures
- Root canals
- Whitening
- Veneers
- And much more

In addition, Bright Now! Dental is impressively flexible when it comes to billing and payment policies. For patients with less than perfect credit and income, the practice’s ConfiDent Plan is a great extension of assistance. Special offers and discounts are also regularly made available to new and existing patients. Bright Now! also works with a very wide variety of insurance providers and plans.
Those living in and near Sterling can rest assured – they have an excellent, all-in-one, family friendly dentist right in their backyard. Many other regions are not always so fortunate. Bright Now! Dental, the sterling, va dentist is a real winner.

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