1 Mar 2013

Dear March…

saskmycityTwo years today our Canadian visa arrived in the email. From the moment AMI checked his email, we knew our future in Canada was on. 3 days later we were in our new hometown. 

I remember the first week here, driving up and down the city in search of a house to make it home.

Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry on Grooveshark

I sung Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry as if “tomorrow I would be gone”. I noted in my iPhone that I am loving this city already.

I knew in most places around the world this month was warming up turning into spring. The awakening of seasons. And while this city was still cold, the white snow melting, turning into puddles of muddy water, I was okay with all that because just a week later I found out we were expecting our first child. I just was over the heel with this filthy cars and roads.

I love it all, and I still feel the gratitude for the kindness of March, for bringing us so many good news. For allowing us to enjoy this beautiful country with all its beauties and flaws.

March is the month of new awakening, I want to welcome you, with arms open wide. May you bring more LAUGHTER, peace of mind, health and LIFE to all my lovelies out there. May you be full of SUNSHINE as you truly are.




  1. Wow! How incredible that it only took you three days to arrive in Canada after you got your visa!

    I grew up in the US and immigrated to Australia six years ago - March is the end of summer and the beginning of fall, and it always feels so strange to me. It should be when things blossom and start anew and yet...

  2. This was such a lovely post. I really enjoyed reading it. May March continue to bring you renewal and awakening every year.

  3. We heading towards winter though, but its still a new beginning. May it be a fulfilling month :).


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