26 Mar 2013

I Wanted Them Before I Found Out

firmoospecsYesterday, the little boy I tutor in Italian came to lesson wearing a pair of cool vintage looking glasses. He has such a cool sense of style. I thought, because the glasses he is wearing are similar to this one on Firmoo {the online eyewear shop}.

After lesson, I was talking to his mother when she asked me?

“How long have you been wearing glasses?”

“Since 1995… well, I found out I needed glasses when I went to secondary school but I wanted to wear them even before I found out. I was and I am still happy to wear them.” 

“Me too.” her son said.

If I wasn’t wearing glasses for the purpose to correct my myopia, I believe by now I would have bought a non-prescription frames to look intellectual anyway.Firmoogeeky

These days wearing glasses is cool, the geeky look is so IT. The truth is, depending on the frame a person chooses, a spectacle can upgrade your look to any fashion statement you want to claim. Sexy, girl next door, vintage, geeky or intellectual, you can be whoever by selecting a different styles of frames. The beauty about Firmoo is that they are affordable yet they have a great range of styles and prices to choose from. If they gave me that chance I could easily open a small shop in my house…

As I mentioned last month, I LOVE glasses. Due to this love, I couldn’t refuse another pair of glasses when Antonio from Firmoo contacted me to write an honest opinion about their products. I was also over the moon because I’ve seen some bloggers rocking their Firmoo eyewear and browsing the website I saw a pair of F-Designer frames I liked, they remind me of the expensive Oliver Peoples, I couldn’t afford even when I was working as an Optical assistant.

However, Antonio sent me a link of frames option to choose from and I selected these pairs. {I was too shy to ask him about the F-Designers}.

I received my new antiglare prescription plastic frame in a hard case, together with a screwdriver, two screws and micro-fiber lens cleaning cloth. I felt so spoilt. firmoodetails

I really love the geeky-intellectual look. I also like the translucent/purple/tortoiseshell  colour because it’s perfect for spring that will come to my part of the world sometime soon.

One little thing.

I am annoyed with myself because I wish I virtually "tried on" their glasses by uploading a photo of myself. I didn’t use the tool, for this reason my frames are a little loose on my face {next time I am definitely going to use it to get the perfect fit}.

The coolest thing? Firmoo offers a first pair FREE GLASSES program available to anyone worldwide! That’s how cool they are.

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  1. I've always wanted to wear glasses, I actually think I look really good in them (vain much I know), but I get head aches even when I wear sunglasses. They look great on you. And you look soooooo much like AOI :)


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