18 Mar 2013

Letters To AOI # 3

AOI cuddleDear toddler AOI,

Today you are 16 months. Your energy is booming and sometimes it is too much for this 30something mummy of yours, especially after two weeks alone with you. My heart is beating fast as I write this because I am tired.

These two weeks that daddy have been away we bonded more. I had to do everything from bathing, feeding, changing your diaper {you even know how to say it} and soothing you to sleep. When daddy is here he takes over some hours when he gets back from work and that gives me the chance to recharge.

Today, before bedtime, I felt the tiredness kicking in. You wanted to play but I wanted to get things rolling. My frustration showed in the voice a little, but you laughed which didn’t help too much. In the end I had to take a break and let you stay in your crib for some minutes. That helped me recharge for a second. This is one of the reasons I miss your daddy {he is coming back tomorrow, hurray!}.

Being a mother can be hard at times but the rewards overweigh the hard times.

For instance you make my week when, in your clear distinct little sweet voice, you call me


It’s like a poem to my soul. I realise that I too I am a mother of someone, no other baby girl but you, my precious little angel. You really make me proud to be your mother. When we are in the house and we are both in our happy zone you run to me and hug my legs.

You are mischievous. Your latest idea of fun is climbing a chair in the dining room, dishwasher and coffee table. Apart from that, you love dancing, reading {in your own way, but you bring books to me to read to you and you turn the pages before I’ve done reading that page}, singing {yes, you are repeating words from some of the songs we listen to. The book of songs and rhymes your paternal grandmother wrote and painted for you is your #1 choice}, colouring, learning the names of the various animal, and repeating some words when we read together. You understand me when I speak both in Italian and English. A little in Ghanaian too, when you don’t understand you look at me attentively and try to translate it in your mind. And I am so proud to tell you that now you can say Au revoir, French word to say goodbye.AOIcolouring

You have a good memory.

You are altruist, you like to share toys with the other children at the playgroup and I pray that quality of your personality stays forever. You behave older than your 16 months of age. So wise and pensive.

My heart melts when I see you cuddle, kiss and try to feed your teddies. You talk to them as if they are real. When you see a car, trees, dogs anything that you like you stop to greet them. “Hello.” or “Bye-bye”.

You love your teddy bear and shares many things with itAOI and bear

The other day you found a box with a new Sophie in there. Since then, to change your diaper without complaint, I tell you “Let’s go find Sophie.”

“Sophie?” you respond excited.

Once on your changing table I give you Sophie and you start talking to your new friend.

That shows the nirvana of your soul. Just beautiful, I love your soul.

You are getting confident in the swimming pool again. Last Friday and today we went to the swimming pool and now you don’t mind putting your face in the water. You laugh and jump. It’s infectious to see your joy.

You love berries {all sort}, mangos, rice, pasta, cheese, yogurt, porridge, cheerios, crackers, apples, juice {all sort}, hummus, baked ripe plantain. You love all sort of fruits and veggies really.

I love you so much. If you weren’t mine I would be so sad.  I have said it before and I will say it again and again and again. Though, you are growing so fast {you are about 3/4 of my height}, you are still my tiny baby always.

Every time I hold you, I can’t process the idea that you used to be in my belly.

all my love always!AOI in the belly


  1. So if I ever have another child I definitely want it to be a girl. She is SO cute.
    I also love these sweet letters you write to her <3. It's amazing how much they change in such a short amount of time.

    1. You are sweet. Thank you. i know every single they change {just look at us, can you believe we were tiny like them once upon a time?}

  2. Happy 16-months AOI!

    Is that your baby book in the last pic? It looks really cool!

    1. yes, that's my DIY maternity photo book, a post is coming on it very soon :)

  3. so precious! Happy 16 months to your sweet girl, it's so neat to hear what Elyse could be doing in the coming months!

    1. start child proofing the house even more, lol :)

  4. She is gorgeous!! Love the book she's reading too, great idea!

  5. I love the way you write. She is going to love reading these when she is older


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