6 Mar 2013

Like a Real Mother

I’ve hinted that this week hubby is in Ghana. While we are enjoying –20 degrees, he is enjoying +30 degrees.

When he is away for work trips I have chance to reflect on life as a parent and wife.

For instance two weeks ago, while hubby was in Alberta for work, I was left alone to look after AOI who was sick, and for the first time I felt like a real mother…

I know that from the moment my child was placed in my arms, I became a mother but two weeks ago I felt the real meaning of motherhood. Be responsible 100% of this little delicate being. AOIFor one thing I felt powerless in front of the pain she was going through due to her fever. And another thing, I didn’t have hubby to take turns with me to look after her.

It was the very first time since becoming a mother that I had to be responsible for my daughter 24/7. When hubby is in here, after work he looks after our little darling while I write, cook or do something for myself. That week I had to cancel most of my personal weekly activities.

I had to comfort her when she was uncomfortable. The first three days whole time hubby was away breast-milk became my saviour. I was the human comforter. A part of me was afraid she might not self sooth after that week but the other part wanted some sleep and peace of mind and most of the time what helped was mummy’s special milk. I was not allowed a time out throughout the day but only when we were both sleeping at night.

I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of my role and I had too much time to ponder on

  • the pros and cons of single parenting
  • the importance of a father in a child’s life 
  • taking up friends offers to look after AOI while hubby and I take time ‘out’ from parenthood to build up a strong relationship
  • the importance to have an individual ‘me’ time (for both hubby and I)
  • booking a massage and pedicure session

We’ve already completed two points from the above five points.

Once again, as I mentioned above, hubby is on a work trip to Ghana and I have to be responsible of AOI 24/7. This time around I don’t feel overwhelmed. We are enjoying our mother-daughter bonding time. mummyloveyouWe are doing very well with our daily routine and I would like to follow that even when hubby is back.

Questions: Have you ever been in the situation where you had to be responsible of your child/children 24/7 or close to that time period? How did you feel? What motherhood means to you?

you are allowed to answer even if you are not a parent yet Smile

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  1. Love the pictures of the two of you! And I agree...Caring for a sick one is a full time job with a lot of blessings in between. The bond between you and your baby is amazing. Hope she's feeling better though!

    1. she is doing great, just like a fish back in clean water :)

  2. I've had many of those times, especially when the kids are sick, when you suddenly feel like - oh, this is what parenting is! My husband has traveled twice back to Australia without us and when you are the only parent and you work full time - whoa, nelly, it's a lot to stay on top of... and right after Jack was born, he had to go back to the hospital for a few days with RSV and I stayed there the whole time - the rest of life on hold. And then when Liam started school, I really felt like a grown up because I had to be responsible for getting school work done and showing up for conferences and making lunches. It's crazy that the big and the little things all make you feel like a parent, it's such a gradual process that I don't think we ever feel like we fully achieve.

  3. look at the two of you all cuddled up...it's amazing she was ever that tiny huh! fortunately i have NOT had to do it all by myself 24/7 as of yet but i can imagine that can be very tiring. but it's beautiful you and little girl are getting so much bonding time in!!

  4. Aw, these are such sweet pictures. As a non-mom, no no I haven't had to do the parent thing 24-7. You're so very strong!

  5. I love these pictures! they are just so adorable!!!

  6. I love those two photographs of you and her ! I didn't feel like a "mother" right away either. I *knew* intellectually I was one (contractions won't let me forget-lol), but I didn't feel like a "mom" instantly, but over time I did :D

    I'm a single mom & it has it's overwhelming moments, but I've never known differently, his father decided to break up with me the day before he was born, than he knocked up some other girl (can I pick em' or what?!). Anyway, despite our own personal drama he does see his son a couple days each week, and it helps to have a break.

    1. thank you so much for sharing your experience. you are such a great mother and it's so nice to see the love between you and little D.


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