9 Mar 2013

Meal Plans

I went food shopping yesterday and I was so happy of my purchases.cleanfood Everything looks so healthy, I believe it was worth a healthy eating meal plan or as it’s popular these days a clean eating meal plan.

AOI loves berries {so far blueberries, raspberries and strawberries} and yesterday she finished half of the strawberry container. My little Berry muncher – I am glad her nickname used to be Berry when she was in my belly!


Once upon a time, my mother used to do meal plans. I miss those days. She is such a busy woman and I remember that the months before summer she would ask us to pick some light meals for a summer meal plan She used to work the night shifts or morning shifts and being together for lunch was sparse. So, evening meals were important because it was the only time we would be together as a family.

I have nostalgia of those evening meal moments so much. I believe planning our meals will take me there. So this reason I’ve been trying, for months, to convince my husband help me plan our evening weekly meals. It’s been hard.

So I always ask myself why don’t you just plan a meal and that’s it?

For one thing I can’t do it because it would hurt me if he doesn’t eat the meals I plan. So, while hubby is away on this work trip, I’ve trying to follow my own meal plans. I saw samples of clean eating meal plans. This is found on emeals, a meal plan website designed by two busy sisters with in mind busy mothers. Their story reminds me of my own mother and my current ‘busy’ lifestyle. I believe every woman who finds it hard to plan a good meal and be sane at the same time can relate.

So, I’m trying a similar meal plan because I want my husband to see the new me when he return from Ghana. I want to be the living example that if we follow a meal plan we’ll end up looking good and it will be easy for us to come up with a nice recipe. But mostly this new way of planning my meals is for me to set my mind into the right zone, meaning I can plan our family meals and not only for AOI and mine!

Questions: Do you plan you weekly meals? How do you decide on the meals to add?

This post was sponsored by the lovely ladies behind emeals. All opinions and experience are my own.


  1. So much inspiration here. I am big on eating clean, but also realize that it would be so much easier to stick with it if I mean planed (for my entire family).

  2. Thanks for providing links to make up clean meals! I sometimes cook healthy, but there are PLENTY of times I don't, however I DO need to loose weight so I'll check this out.

    It's awesome that your little one loves strawberries. Dominic only likes bananas. Any other fruit or veggie is usually pushed away in disgust >:(. I'm working on it- lol.

    1. I hope he starts enjoying all the other fruit and veggie you give him. So far AOI likes all her veggies and fruits, i hope it stays that way because she is inspiring me to eat well.

  3. I used to do meal plans when Simon was home in the evenings but now he works second shift and is gone every weeknight for dinner so we wing it and I eat many servings of the same soup... :) But I used to go through the Sunday ads/coupons and make a meal plan based on what was on sale or that I could get a deal on. Someday we will return to that plan :)


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