7 Mar 2013

# ProjectMilf: Adding More

1projectmilfbadge2013_thumb2Hello my fellow #Project Motivating Inspiring Leading Female ladies, I am glad we all made it to week 5 of this project.

This week is all about Adding something more to our life to help our goals. This can be anything that may be more helpful in meeting our mini-goal this week. Add more water intake, more sleep, more money, more workouts...commit yourself to doing something more this week!

1. Sleep: from here forward my curfew is 10:30pm. I have to be like Homer Simpson and drop everything when the time is 10:30 and just force myself to sleep

2. Billy Blank: watch his workouts videos, I feel so motivated when I watch his workouts

3. Read & Edit: find a way to finish reading Fearless + edit five chapters on my laptophttp://lh5.ggpht.com/-SAmNSuG25cM/UJl0CRkGNII/AAAAAAAAE_M/_CwBMJUgzEI/Karmo_Cov_S1_thumb%25255B2%25255D.jpg?imgmax=800


now unto week 4 of #projectmilf


Still happy about this, I am not tracking as much because my mind and body are getting the idea of healthy eating. Though I was very tired last week, I still walked the stairs of the playgroup building, three floors, but last Thursday I had to get back to the second floor to take the lift because the door was locked at the top.


I didn’t do much regarding this goal.


I edited one chapter on my laptop, but I am still on track. Just have to work EXTRA hard before 29/03.

Also, I am pleased to say that I entered one of the chapters into the Canada Writer's Union Short Story Competition.


That’s me for week 4 update. I know, it can be hard to follow up on our goals but please everyone DON”T give up on this project. Hold on tight because together we can accomplish all our 2013 goals. I know, I CAN!

I wish you all a great Week 6 of #ProjectMilf!

If you are new here, please know that it is never too late to join us in this project.


  1. Kudos for entering your chapter into the short story contest. It's always nerve wrecking when you put something like that out there because while it's so personal on so many levels. Glad to hear that eating healthy and exercising are going well.

  2. Love that you met most of your goals for this week and as someone that struggled this week for my own personal demons I appreciate your encouragement. It's not easy but the rewards are plentiful!

  3. YAY, week 4 was a great success. I saw that we both got on Billy Blank's videos. We are doing Tae Bo right now. So exciting.


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