14 Mar 2013

#ProjectMilf: Subtracting Something

Hello my fellow #Project Motivating Inspiring Leading Female ladies. Today I am over the moon. I had a good night sleep, I went to bed around 1am but I woke up 7:30am and my daughter, who fell asleep at 9, is still asleep at 7:50am. This is life!

Before I tell you about this week’s prompt Subtracting Something, something that may sabotage your goal, I want to give you week 5 update of #projectmilf which was about Adding Something


Sleep: FAILED, I slept less. I wanted to add more sleep by going to bed at 10:30pm but I found myself falling asleep at around 1:30 and 2am because I am catching up Le Iene, an Italian satire news show, reading and cooking when my daughter goes to sleep

Billy Blank: I wanted to do more Billy Blank’s works, because I love his spirit in the video, but I achieve 40% of my goal. And even with those few workouts I feel better in my body and my clothes don’t tight around the waist.

Food: I didn’t set any goal on this sphere but I end up eating more veggies and fruits. This all thanks to my daughter, because she loves fruit but sometimes she request something which she doesn’t eat and I have to finish it. For instance she may ask for banana or apple and has few bites and I have to finish it. Cucumber is her favourite but when she is full she starts throwing the rest on the floor and to save myself from cleaning I eat the rest from her plate.

I am proud to say I am eating more clean food.cleanfood


We are registered in the War Arms program, that means I have a feet in the door.


Read & Edit: I wanted to finish Fearless but I couldn’t but I read more chapters. I edited five chapters on my laptop as I hoped. I am so excited about this novel. I really can’t wait to share more with the world.

That’s me for week 5 update. I know, it can be hard to follow up on our goals but please everyone DON”T give up on this project. Hold on tight because together we can accomplish all our 2013 goals. I know, I CAN!

Now unto Week 6 prompt

So last week was adding more and I ended up sleeping less, so did week I will subtract sleeping less and see how things go. 

Have yourself a great Week 6 of #ProjectMilf!1projectmilfbadge2013_thumb2_thumb1

P.S: ladies please join me in this project by signing up. You can set yourself any goal. Leave a comment in the box if you want me to contact you for more info Winking smile


  1. I always end up finishing up Dominic's food too. I stopped cooking meals for myself and just feed him & whatever he doesn't eat, I finish up- if im still hungry i eat whatever.

    Sorry you didn't get as much sleep! Hopefully this week you'll catch up :D

    1. this is such a great to do it because if not we end up eating their meals and ours, but when is veggies i don't mind having mine and hers :)

  2. It is sooooo hard to get enough sleep! Sounds like you are doing well with your overall goals though!
    You can do it! :)

    1. thank you i am trying my best :)

  3. Sleeping less...mmhm let me know how that goes! And yeah for eating more cleanly...I need my fridge to look like the picture above...just a lovely pictures!! Awesome job this week!!

    1. i mean i want to sleep more but subtracting the habit of sleeping less

  4. I'm still struggling with the loss of sleep with my new baby so I can totally relate!! Hang in there! All the clean eating will def. give you a little boost vs feeling even more tired and sluggish. :)

  5. You and I are on the Billy Blank kick :).
    YAY for healthy eating choices


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