20 Mar 2013

The Importance of a Father

Yesterday AOI’s daddy arrival home sound and safe. She looks happy and content again.

Every time I watch AMI with AOI, I miss my daddy and I wonder if he was this present when I was AOI’s age.

My daddy died when I was very young but I still write poems dedicated to him and miss him a lot, especially when I see elderly people {he would be in his early 90s if he was alive}. My mother did a great job filling in both as a mother and father, but even she would agree about the importance of a father in a child’s life.

Yesterday, when AOI saw her daddy she wanted to be in his arms all the time. She didn’t want him out of sight. She cried when he turned to go pick his luggage {she also cried when I had to go and pay for the parking, she doesn’t want us to be away from her anymore}. At just 16 months of age she knows how it feels to not have your daddy for some time.

The first work trip, which was in Alberta, every time daddy phoned AOI would look at the screen and occasionally say daddy but I could tell she was sad. She would point at the door and say “Daddy?” as to to ask when is daddy coming back?

I missed my husband but her pure love for daddy made me miss AMI so much.

The second work trip, this time AMI went to Ghana, she didn’t seem to mind but she didn’t like speaking to him when he facetimed or skyped. Those were signs that she missed him.

Her daddy takes the time to read, sing, play the guitar, bath her and soothe her to sleep every evening and during the weekend.AOIdaddytime

She loves their bonding time, when she knows that daddy will dedicate her all the attention she needs from him.

I love looking at my two loves. It makes me happy to see the beauty of having a daddy.


  1. Awww...so glad your hubby is back. Looks like you both missed him a lot.

  2. I feel the same way about my daughters and their daddy. I grew up without a father and seeing them with father makes me so happy.

  3. A father is definitely really important. They bring balance in the child's life. Nice to have your hubby and AOI's daddy back

  4. Aww. Love to see Dads babywearing.

    V has a special relationship with her Daddy and I hope they will remain close. :)

  5. Aww, what a sweet post. .My girls loooove their Daddy too!

  6. I love that he is toting her around in a baby sling. So sweet!

  7. i just saw this post....be steal my heart!!!


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