13 Mar 2013

The Pros and Cons of Single Parenting

sunsetjoyToday is the tenth day of my life as a single parent. {For those who don’t know, I am alone with my daughter because hubby is on a work trip in Ghana}.

One of my sister in law and a friend have to be a mother and also the breadwinner. I am more understanding of their situation thanks to this little experience of mine.

I take my hat off for all those mothers out there who has to work hard to support their children all by themselves, I know working and being a parent is hard, but it’s the hardest thing when you are the only one to do it most of your waking hours.


  • More bonding time. When daddy is here, most evenings he has the task to feed her, bath her, read and sing to before bedtime. But now I do it all and, though it’s hard, I love the bond that we are creating. I love reading and singing Twinkle Twinkle…

  • I have the final say in whatever it concerns my child’s life

  • I can stay up late when my daughter is asleep to read, write and cook because I don’t have to worry about hubby going to work the following day

  • I can take my laptop in bed to work so the following day I can dedicate more time to my daughter

  • It makes me wiser and strong. I am aware that I am capable of taking care of my child without another person


  • The absence of a father’s love and attention

  • Financially I don’t know how I would manage to support us without stressing

  • The pain I feel when my daughter cries for daddy after a quick tell phone call {she is just 15 and 3/4months}

  • It would be hard to go to events

  • It could be overwhelming at time {especially when you are extra tired and your child needs more of your attention}

  • I couldn’t be at home trying to pursue my dream as a writer/novelist

  • No-one to discuss the issues that might concern the way I am parenting my child

  • No-one to take turns with when you are tired to take care of an unhappy child

  • Bad mood cause by frustration, tiredness, stress and overwhelming feeling of not being capable of rearing a child alone

So this is my conclusion after less than two weeks into single parenthood

Question: What do you think about this topic?


  1. Single parents are amazing. I have some girlfriends who are single parents and I don't know how they do it.

    Love that picture!

  2. I applaude all single parents out there. It's no easy feat.

  3. once upon a time i was a divorced single parent to two little school aged girls. (their father not wanting anything to do with any of us, nor feeling the need to financially support his kids) it is very difficult and i believe the hardest part was not having someone to fall back on. no real support. having to do it all on my own and all of it being on my shoulders. my girls were never short of anything, i did well for a single mom, but my biggest fear was always, what if i lose my ob? how will i support them then? it's many years later, i'm remarried with two more children and my little girls are teens. i work from home now and every day i feel blessed that i have my husband, that i'm not alone in the decision making and that i have someone to work through financial difficulties with instead of dealing with it all on my own. i think i've become to comfortable in it though. cause girl, two weeks without hubby, left with 4 kids, two of which are preschoolers, i can't imagine it, i'd probably lose my mind.

    1. thank you for sharing your experience with me. i am so glad now you have a nice person to share your life with

  4. Wow...you hit is ALL right on the nose...especially the cons. BTW, I found you on Casey's blog. I am a single mom and you are right, it is SO hard! And I thank you for recognizing that and sharing it. I look forward to staying in touch! Much love!


    xo. Jill


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