25 Mar 2013

Week 12: Getting to Know Daddy Again

Hello everyone. Hope your week 12 went well.

As you read my humble words, listen to this poetic music by Lucio Dalla, an Italian great songwriter. This is a poem in music, beautiful, beautiful… enjoy!

Caruso (originale) by Lucio Dalla on Grooveshark

This morning my daughter woke up before me and she started to poke my cheek while calling me by my earned name “Mammi, mammi, mammi!” She managed to wake me up after some attempts. I was so tired, but once up the tiredness vanished.

Yesterday was warm. We went to church, then food shopping. This last thing disrupted AOI’s nap routine. She couldn’t go back to sleep the whole afternoon, for this reason she went to bed at 7:30pm {unusual for her}. Hubby was happy to be back into our family weekend routine, AOI got used to him being part of our routine again.

For the rest, ours week was made of the usual routine with few things added. AOIdaddyreading

  • Monday we went swimming in the morning. Once back we baked cookies. I couldn’t tutor the little boy I am tutoring in Italian because I was too late in getting myself organise.
  • Tuesday morning we went to the French playgroup. The current host is going away because she’s found a new job as a director at a preschool. For this reason we did a potluck. AOI was tired but I didn’t allow her to sleep because getting out of the house is good for her mood later in the day. Most of time she was annoyed with the activities. She began to be interested again when the coordinator started to play the alphabet song {she selects the initials of all the children and then sings and gives them the letter to put back into the box of alphabet} and the parachute game {she blew more colourful balloons to the joy of the children}. At one point two mothers with their babies came into the room. AOI was so happy to see the babies. She makes my heart swell of pride when I see her with babies. She kneels at their level and whispers “Hello”… so sweet. I haven’t seen any toddler of just 16 months being fascinated by babies as much as my daughter is. She’s been like this for as long as I can remember. In fact her first word was baby. I really pray for a sibling for her, I am sure she will love her sibling very much.

AOI playgroup

In the evening we went to pick daddy from the airport. AOI goes to pick daddyShe was happy to see him but she wanted mummy more. When we got home he wanted to sooth AOI to sleep but his little girl didn’t want to cooperate because she was used to having me wrap her in a sling on my back. The rest of the week was hard for AOI to get used to daddy being part of our routine. She didn’t allow him to run her a bath, or sing her lullabies to sleep. She wanted mummy all the time and poor mummy was tired but she did her best.

  • Wednesday we didn’t do much, we didn’t have a play date with our friends
  • Thursday was playgroup.
  • Friday we went to the swimming pool again. AOI has made a new friend there, a little boy of five. It was funny to see her say “Ducky” and the little boy repeats “Ducky.” while jumping and AOI repeats what he does and laughs and it went on for some time until the little boy’s mum asked him to go. He started to cry but in the end they left happy after we said see you next week. In the evening we went to our church for dinner {we paid $20 dollars for a ham and vegetables meal}. AOI drunk so much she wet through her outfit. We didn’t take a change of cloth so we had to change her diaper and put her in her snowsuit, thank goodness we were going home already. 
  • Saturday, was the first weekend together as a family after long time. After two bad nights because maybe a toddle is teething again, we relaxed in the morning.

I was supposed to go to a writer’s workshop but couldn’t go because the past two days the weather have been very bad. Instead, while AOI was taking her late morning nap, I went to see my friend’s daughter who was acting in a play put together by her acting school.

I got back home just before AOI woke up to have her lunch. After lunch hubby suggested we go to the zoo {I didn’t want to go but in the end for the good of fresh air and being together with my family, I went to the zoo too}. AOI was so happy to see the bears. After the visit we stopped at the library for some minutes. Once back home AOI and daddy started to bond a little bit more. As I took some minutes for myself, daddy read books and played the guitar to AOI. For our bedtime routine she allowed him to run her a bath, dress her, sing her lullaby to sleep. She was asleep by 8:06pm. She woke up just once around 5am, but went back to sleep after a quick feed, in our bed. 

that’s how our week 12 went by.The Beetle Shack 

This is week 12’s iPhone photo dumpWeek 12 iPhone Photo Dump

Have a great week 13



  1. OMG! Your daughter is seriously cute! I LOVE her snow suit, hat and boots! She is definitely styling!

  2. she's so adorable...and how fun that you guys get to spend so much time swimming! we don't have access to an indoor pool so I'm ready for summertime and pool time at my parents' house!

    1. "pool time at my parents' house" sounds awesome to me :)

  3. Toi,

    Sounds like you has busy and enjoyable pleasent week. Your daughter is a cutie!! I enjoyed reading this and I look forward to Week 13.

    Happy Monday Pretty Girl!!

  4. Just LOVELY!

    it's so wonderful to have you joining us in the linky! thank you :)

    xo me

    1. thank you for hosting, it's a great way to meet new people and get inspired to keep updating our everyday lives by photo-documenting.

  5. Sounds like a lovely week, packed full of activities!
    Thanks for the nice comment on my post, btw!

    1. we try to be active. you are welcome about the comment :)

  6. AOI looks so adorable in her snowsuit, she is just too cute!! It`s nice that she`s gotten used to her dad again and lets him be part of her daily routine :) gives mom a nice break too!

  7. Awww, AOI is just way too adorable!!! Sounds like you had a busy week there. I love that picture with your hubby and daughter snuggled up for story time, so cute.

  8. I am just loving that you share so many more pictures lately. Loving it :)


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