4 Mar 2013

Week 9: Busy + Tired + Relaxing

Good Monday everyone. The sun is shining and I feel serene. Yesterday, I even went for a pedicure. But week 9 didn’t start idyllic.

It was the week of rage against time for me; as soon as Monday rolled its nose in, I wanted the day to have 48 hours to able to do many things.

AMI, aka hubby or daddy, had to return the car he rented for the trip to Alberta, so he asked me to go pick him up at the drop off. I drove the half an hour drive only to receive a text that they drove him home.

AOI was having one of those days, she wanted my 100% attention. I believe another tooth is coming out. When she went for her afternoon nap, I had to clean the house and I couldn't take a break. As soon as she woke up the house went back to its messy state. The crumbs of crackers and toys everywhere.

The rest of the week was busy with our usual outings and AMI work night and day on a paper for publication. Tuesday, French playgroup, we haven’t being for the past two weeks. I missed it and I think AOI did too. She has to get used to the activities again. I purchased an app translator to practice my French.

In the evening daddy made a snow ramp near our bins. This is what he was up to soon after. AOIslidingSliding AOI down the little ramp.

Wednesday, I woke up tired. AOI sleeps through the night but I went to bed too late. I wish I could say we didn't do anything but stayed in bed the whole day, but that's not the case when you have an active toddler at your hands.

In the afternoon we went to AOI's friend's house for a play date.

Thursday, I was tired-tired! I couldn't process my thoughts properly.

I mean, I was so tired that I even considered the idea of inviting somebody from Ghana to help me with the house chores. I thought about how I loved having my mum here. She would cook and clean the house for me. Today, I thought that I wouldn't mind having her here for a week or so.

Still, we went to the playgroup. We got there just in time for AOI to have a quick snack.

In the afternoon I took some minutes off for myself and opted against send a story for competition coming up. In the evening, I joined my fellow writer friends for the launch of our local library writer’s in residence new book.

Talking to them I decided to push aside my tiredness, and work hard on the editing of my story for the competition. They all cheered me to enter. One of my writer friends, offered me to stop by her house the following to print of my printer shouldn’t work.

That evening, when I got back work, i went to work hard at the editing. AOI was already sleeping by 8:30. I edited taking into consideration some suggestions from my friends. I tried printing but didn’t work. I went to sleep by midnight.

Friday, I woke up renewed, I was feeling much better. We had breakfast as usual, after that I emailed my friend about taking her offer to go to her house to print my story. Well, I was so glad I went to hers because I learnt few tricks about formatting a story for a competition. In the end I sent out a manuscript that looked professional worth a competition.

In the afternoon, AMI got out from work early. We went to pick him from work before four and went to the swimming pool. After that we went on a family date at Red Lobster. The meal was yummy-yummy! After that we went gift shopping for my family in Ghana, because AMI is going there on a work trip.

Saturday morning my friend invited us to our local library for a morning family story time. More gift purchases for my family in Ghana. Once back home I cleaned the living room and kitchen, because my friend and her daughter were coming to look after AOI while AMI and I went out on a date – our date, just the two us.

 The Beetle Shack

So, though the week started off hectic and tiring, we had a great relaxing weekend.

week 9 CollageHave a great, relaxing week 10


  1. Goodness! You certainly are busy!
    I love pedicures! They make me feel so pampered! :)
    Love the picture of AOI sledding down the hill!
    Dinner at Red Lobster sounds delicious! I worked there for three years while I was going to college! The biscuits are delicious! :)

  2. Love the picture of you...gorgeous. Busy week whew!! Hope this week is a little more relaxing!!

  3. How cute is it that she got a custom snow ramp?! Looks like she's enjoying winter that's for sure!


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