5 Apr 2013

Five Things

It was snowing today, couldn’t believe it after the lovely couple of days

Anyways, this artsy lady tagged anyone who is interested in playing the Five Things game.

1. Blogging can make or break a person {some bloggers have this life all figured out, while I struggle about mine}

2. I love being a stay at home mum, but it’s can also be one of the hardest jobs ever

3. Capturing our everyday life brings me such joy

4. I battle with insecurity when it comes to my writing because I feel that my English is poor

5. My little family means the world to me. I love my husband’s love to the family and love it more when AOI is cuddly and gives me nose kisses, or hugs me and tap my shoulders {I cherish those little moments}



  1. Awww this is so sweet...I hope you never stop writing or blogging you have a beautiful way with words!! Plus the more you write the better you get!!

  2. What Mrs. Pancakes said, you command the English language so well, please keep doing that.

    Love that picture of you guys, so beautiful and full of love

  3. I agree with Mrs Pancakes too. I love your writing, you do have an amazing way with words and you also inspire me. I love the family pic :)


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