16 Apr 2013

Post-Partum Marks

In the novel God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, there is a beautiful scene with the twins, Estha and Rahel, and their mother that captures the essence of motherhood.

One day, after their mother's afternoon nap, the twins go to her room and when they manager to wake her up they trace with their fingers her silver stretchmark.
Rahel, the female twin, says to her brother

The God of Small Things

When I was pregnant, I played this scene in my mind several times each time my daughter kicked me I thought she was going to leave a stretchmark.

For this reason and being obsessed with body lotions and oils in general, I used so much pregnancy oils that I reminded my husband of a seal. However, all my effort was without success because I stopped applying the appropriate products at the critical period of my pregnancy. The unwanted stretch marks appeared on my waistband area and I am struggling to keep them at bay.

I recently came across Healing Natural Oils, a natural skin care and beauty products company. They’ve been in the health industry for 15 years but have been on the market with their products since 2001. Practically they've been in business as long as hubby and I have been together.stretch-marks-p-big-bottle

So they are quite seasoned.

I haven’t tried their products on my skin so I cant give a personal feedback but I might try the pregnancy H-Stretch Marks oil if I become pregnant again because they have an unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and also promise that

When used as directed, H-Stretch Marks will improve the appearance of mild to stubborn stretch marks safely so that your skin regains the softness and appearance you enjoyed before you became pregnant.

I sure need something like that, because every time I go the swimming pool with my daughter and I see those mothers who look like they never had a baby makes me want to be able to wear a bikini again.

But the quote reminds me that, even if I try the best stretchmark products on the market and I still find myself with post-pregnancy marks, those marks are the badge of a proud mother for when my child was a temporary resident in my womb.


  1. That story was so cute! I believe in America we are way more shy about showing things such as stretch marks. I don't have many visible marks from my pregnancy but if my son ever asks I'm definitely going to tell him that it's where he kicked me...

  2. Stretch marks are a great reminder that we carried life in our bellies for 9 months. How many grown ass women walk around showing their belly anyway. I love your take on things TOI, love your style


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