11 Apr 2013

#ProjectMilf: Week 10 Music

Hello, hello my lovelies!

This Week 10 #ProjectMilf challenge is simple, we have to share the music we listen to for relaxation and or to motivate us to work out.

I love listening a sort of music. I will give you my top five {about 29 minutes workout}

  • 5. Sinfonia Della Notte by Dennis Ferrer {whine your waist, flap your arms and then go side to side, there I am in the mood to workout}
  • 4. Day ‘N’ Night by Kid Cudi
  • 3. Paparazzi by Lady Gaga {waist twist, chair push ups and sit up, the paparazzi will you love}
  • 2. Candy Shop by Madonna {just dance and dance}
  • 1. I Want to Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston. {Give the tune and I will kick my shoes trainers off. I used to have it on loop when I went for a runs in London.}whitney-in-t-shirt_thumb[2]
I Want To Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston on Grooveshark

General update of Week 9

Week 9 of #ProjectMilf challenge was WILDCARD. It was an opportunity to challenge ourselves with whatever we wanted to try to achieve during the week towards our main goals. I challenged myself and lived by the Nike’s slogan nike_just_do_it_thumb3



So with my motto in mind.

I JUST DID more raw eating. More Green and Yellow smooties.smooties Tonight I will have a Pink one.

I walked for three days. Sleep at a decent time once.

I am not weighing myself until Erica’s next weigh in.


We received The Champ Program (War Amps) membership certificate and I am happy our family is part of the program. I saw how people use their time to support their work.

I can’t wait to send in my own support.

Still CALLING for sponsors. Please read here for more info. Hope you can sponsor my humble online space to help me help The Champ Program (War Amps) and PlanCanada, because I am going to offer 60% of my blogging “income” to this cause, the remaining 40% will be re-invested in this blog by sponsoring other bloggers, this will help it grow, which in turn, will send more traffic to your blog / website / business.

If you are interested please check the info page or email me for more.


I sent some chapters to a professional editor. Last chapters and draft synopsis to the writer in residence.

I JUST DID IT. I thing wrap my head too much about how I am not a great English writer… etc.1projectmilfbadge2013_thumb3

Have yourself a great Week 11 of #ProjectMilf, looking forward to read how your favourite MUSIC helped your goal!

Link your weekly update here


  1. oh wow the smoothies look amazing!! and i LOVE LOVE whitney houston and specifically that song and album...are you sure we are not kindred spirits!!!

  2. Receipe for the green smoothie please :)

  3. that yellow smoothie looks good

  4. You're amazing! I really need to get on board with the smoothies. It looks so good!

    You're doing awesome! So proud. I need to take notes :)

  5. Whitney Houston's music always motivates me too! So fun!
    Mmmmmm... I love smoothies!
    Sounds like you're doing well! :)

  6. I love Whitney Houston too, definitely puts me in the best mood.

  7. I've seen everywhere about these smoothies, I really need to hop on board.


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