18 Apr 2013

#ProjectMilf: Week 11 Favourite Smoothie

Hello there.

Week 11 #ProjectMilf challenge is another simple one, we have to share our favourite HEALTHY SMOOTHIE/DRINK. A smoothie or drink that makes us feel like we are on a holiday, therefore it just relaxes us or a smoothie/drink so yummy but healthy it doesn't make us pick at unhealthy snacks.

Last week Mrs M aka April requested a recipe of the green smoothie I share in my post. It is also my favourite smoothie among the four or five I’ve been trying. Another factor which inspired me to set the above challenge was a short conversation between AMI {aka hubby} and I.

“You are losing it” AMI commented as I was getting ready for church

“What do you mean? Am I losing my mind?” my irrational side questioned

“No, you are losing…” be bobbed his head up and down

“The baby weight?” I ventured


“Thank you.” I replied after I’ve told irrational side to not take offence. My rational side heard this as a compliment, because I was trying my best to lose the baby weight if I am allowed.

“Is it the raw smoothies?”

“Maybe, that’s the only difference.”

“Good job, keep it?” That was so nice of him to notice my hard work. I don’t see results when I wear my old clothes but I’ve decided to not dwell on that issue.

All that long rambling just to share with you my favourite healthy smoothie. I am a crunchy mummy and finding a way to say money is my aim. One day I decided to put some raw fruits and veggies in the blend and see what turns out. It was so easy, took me could of minutes to get this smoothie I call

Green Scams Smoothie {Spinach, Cucumber, Apple, Mango, Soya milk}

1 heaping cup (or more) fresh spinach leaves, thoroughly rinsed
1/2 medium cucumber rough;y chopped
1/2 large apple roughly chopped
handful of frozen mango
1/2 cup unsweetened soya milk

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.
*this recipe makes a large smoothie – two adults and a 17 months toddler who loves raw veggies could easily share


General update of Week 10


I must say I missed week 9 challenge I set myself.

I slacked on my fitness and healthy living. I had smoothies but not enough raw green smoothies. I had a glass and half yesterday because I had to report to #ProjectMilf. I walked to the playgroup on Tuesday, went to run on the treadmill at AMI’s work gym and went to a quick stroll. I worked with three of my favourite turns. I will build up and my new challenge is to go to the gym at least once a week.

I can do much better!

I am still very bad with my sleep patterns, going to bed at the wrong time.

I am not weighing myself yet, I am finding hard to keep myself off the scale, because health and confidence are not measurable.


Nothing new here, just working hard at finding ways to raise funds.


Taking a break before reading the whole novel.


May Week 11 of #ProjectMilf be grand! Have yourself a healthy smoothie/drink!

Link your weekly update here


  1. I would have never said this a month ago but that actually looks tasty! Green stuff can actually taste yummy.

  2. Thank you so much for the recipe! I'm definitely going to have to try that with my husband. I think I'm going to mix it up with almond milk, since that is what I've been using for my banana, bluberry, walnut, protein mix smoothie. Thanks again!

  3. That looks yummy indeed...your
    Version is probably much cheaper than what I have been buying! And yah for working on your fitness including running on the treadmill!!!

  4. I've tried a couple of green smoothies but never thought of adding mango - yummmm! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  5. that is so nice when they notice! :)

    i still haven't tried a green smoothie. i want to but i'm kinda afraid, haha

  6. I'm always looking for good smoothie recipes! Can't wait to. Try this one!

  7. I still have yet to try a green smoothie.
    I see them everywhere but I'm still hesitant.

  8. Brownie points for hubby noticing! This smoothie looks pretty good, I've always been weird about putting spinach in my smoothie, but people claim you can't really taste it ??

    Usually if I want a smoothie i just throw in strawberries, banana, splash of OJ, with some yogurt and diet sprite. I'm a weirdo, but it tastes good.


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