12 Apr 2013

She Rocks Assignment #3: Hope +or Spring

Ciao lovelies!

I am telling you this year spring doesn’t want to come to Saskatchewan.

Though I’ve set into my brain that spring doesn’t come here until May, I am beginning to feel it. I am more grumpy and feeling discouraged about general things, like updating my weekly activities because truth is, apart from me, who cares what I did on week 1 or 52 of 2013? Not even my children will care when they are old enough to complain that I didn’t do anything for them when they were little.

I am trying to find a positive light in my negative state of thinking, so for this month’s “She Rocks Assignment #3” I decide on HOPE + or SPRING

she rocks assignment #3Assignment due 26th April



If you feel like you want to play with me this month


Here’s how you play:

  1. Place the She Rocks Assignment Member badge on your blog or site, somewhere visible
  2. Check Life of TOI {LOT} often for the Assignment Word or Phrase
  3. Take photos of your interpretation of the Assignment, and post it on your blog whenever you want.
  4. When the She Rocks Assignment post comes up on LOT, Link to your blog post using the link widget in that post, and have a fabulous time clicking through the rest of the great submissions {if there is any}!
  5. …this will happen over again in few weeks later and so forth!

So last month just From Mrs to Momma participated, so I can’t wait to see who  else with take part and see what the word inspires you to wear or create or write or photograph… Whatever you decide to do I am looking forward to check it out.

I will remind you of the assignment week before the link up post.

I believe we can make new friends through this thing so please help me spread the word.

yours, truly TOI


  1. Augh! I missed last months. I hope I can pull this one off in time.


Yes, I L*O*V*E them and look forward to receive great advice and encouragement. Let me know you are here, just write hi :)

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