8 Apr 2013

Week 14: Spring Snow in Saskatchewan

Hello everyone, hope your had a great weekend.

Well, spring was in the air until Thursday afternoon. After that I woke up on Friday to thisfreshsnow

Yep, we were still 'enjoying' snow over this side of Canada last weekend, but the beauty of spring snow is how quickly it melts.

Today is only -18* but so sunny one might go out there in t-shirt. Anyway, I am not complaining because in my system I've registered that spring doesn't come to Saskatchewan until May. But when spring comes, it blows our mind because we see trees with green leafs overnight, flowers in bloom over two nights and then summer is already here - I love Saskatchewan seasons!

Well this is our week 14 update.

Monday, first of April, hubby went to work. While he was at work AOI and I went for a walk in the morning.  AOI had a long two hours nap. Hubby got home few minutes before she woke up, we all went to the swimming pool.

At the swimming pool, I needed to wear my contact lenses so I took my glasses off. Because the family changing room was busy, I decided to go into the female changing room but I ended up in the male changing room instead. How embarrassing!

Tuesday we went to the French playgroup, the weather was nice so we walked. There is a new coordinator for activities. She is pregnant. She doesn’t know how bad I speak French so she speaks to me in the language and I believe because of this I will learn French before September.

After playgroup I had to do some banking so I walked for about one hour to my main branch because the bank closer to me couldn’t help me with what I needed.

My feet were paining me when I got home {when they phoned me few days later, I gave them one of the worse feedback I've ever given to a bank}.

Wednesday me and C, one of my close mummy friends, decided to take our children to see a puppet show at the library. We took the bus, I wanted to show the bus to AOI but she fell asleep before the bus came. Once at the library we couldn’t go to the show because it was overbooked.                               

Thursday we went to the playgroup, then in the afternoon we joined one of my friends and her four years old daughter in one of our local malls. We went to a children’s museum, which is nothing compared to a children’s music in London.

Friday, though it was heavily snowing,  we went to the swimming pool as usual. For dinner I prepared myself a spinach, cucumber, apple, mango and soya milk smoothie. It was yummy, I want to challenge myself to drink more homemade smoothies for a month.

For hubby’s birthday I bought him a DIY wine kit. He’s been making wine for the past three weeks. Saturday on our way to the food store he bought wine bottles and cork, because he close to bottling his wine. I can’t wait to have a sip of his hard work in making the wine.

This weekend we didn’t have two days weekend. Apart from Saturday, our only family time together, it didn't feel like a weekend because hubby had work because he has a project due Tuesday.

For this reason we didn't go to church, not because I wasn't feeling it due to the spring snow… I invited D and her eleven years old S, for lunch. AOI love her future babysitter, S. When my daughter sees her she doesn’t want to let her go. It so sweet to see S reading or playing together with AOI.spring snow

AOI climbing level2

{too many wires in the house}

AOI shovelling

AOI mummy

AOI shopping

AOI daddy 

  • enjoying spring snow
  • AOI climbing goes to second level, up to the dinning table
  • AOI shovelling the fresh spring snow on the deck
  • Mummy and AOI walking to the car
  • AOI helping us put the food on the shelf
  • Daddy and AOI reading Tiger Tiger On The Shore

The Beetle Shack


This is week 14’s iPhone photo dumpweek14iPhone Photo Dump

Wishing you all a warm week 15


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  1. Love her boots! I gulped at that temperature. I hope real Spring comes to you all soon. We had a bit of a cold winter here so we are welcoming these 80 degree temperatures!

  2. Love the daddy daughter reading moment!


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