15 Apr 2013

Week 15: So Far So Good

AOI photographyWell, in the end the weekend turned out to be great. Yesterday was sunny and I felt so warm I didn’t mind the snow on the ground. Also it is slowly melting, I can even see the grass in the backyard. We went to church and for the first time AOI went to Sunday school. She thought S, her future babysitter was going to be with her all the time but S had to go to the big girls’ Sunday school. The lady who was the last reading part of the word before the sermon stopped and the whole church stood still because the most disturbing cry came in from outside. I ran out of the church to go and take my daughter. I took her up in the baby’s room to play with the toys because after all she is just a baby.

On our way home she slept in the car.

Hubby dug out the BBQ out from the snow and he grilled four baby mackerel coated in salt. Meanwhile I prepared the most yummy salad I’ve ever prepared. This is the kind of salad that made me eat the whole bowl {hubby had little}.

After lunch, while AOI slept, we chilled by listening to jazz music and just enjoying our company. This was the first in a long time since hubby had switched off work. I really enjoyed the sweet little details of our everyday life cooking together, watching Netflix together. We also had our personal time out I read, and wrote while listening to music and after AOI had her lunch she went out on the deck to help daddy mend his bicycle.

So Far So Good by Bryan Adams is came to mind as I was updating our week 15 of 2013.

So Far So Good by Bryan Adams on Grooveshark

Weekly activities were old same, but for a toddler having a routine is the best.

Monday late morning we went swimming. Then when AOI had a long nap, more than two hours. It’s funny when AOI sleeps for more than what I hope I start to panic and go and turn her to make sure she is breathing alright.

Tuesday hubby took up on a breakfast date the we all walked to French playgroup. It was the first time he was coming with us. He knows what we do with our time now. When we got there AOI didn’t want to let him out of her sight. He had to sneak out at snack time.

Wednesday we didn’t do anything important because I don’t remember {gosh, my brain is getting old fast}.

Thursday we went to the local playgroup and then home. At some point I observed AOI absorbed in her toys and I wondered when did my tiny baby became this busy toddler?

I love this stage, because she can say understandable syllables which she speaks to her toys and she take care of them as if they are real. So cute!

Friday we went to the swimming pool. She was sleepy but she didn’t fall asleep in the car because I believe she is starting to use her will power when it comes to sleep. She can rest sleeping because she understood where we were going.

After swimming pool I met with a friend, I though AOI would be awake at that time but she fell asleep as soon as we got into the car after swimming. She slept throughout our chat but woke up few seconds before we left for home. She went back to sleep when we got home for about another hour.

When she woke up and had snack we went to C’s house for play date. C bought a set of toddler table and chairs for her daughter. It was so cute to see them sitting on their chair. Hubby promised to build one for AOI but he hasn’t had time to do that.

I told him what we did the whole. He also told me he wants to make a gentleman’s corner in our living room. For this reason he bought an iPod/iPhone dock.

Saturday was cloudy and grey. We spend the morning organising the house and then hubby bottled his wine. In the afternoon we had a party to go to. Hubby and AOI went to buy a gift the for the birthday boy. When they got home he told me “I bought a little treat for her”

He bought her a toddler table and chairs set. He is such a sweetie. He really loves his little daughter sometimes we wonder if we are spoiling her too much. I am sure we are not. She doesn’t have very much material things, we only purchase the things she needs.

We went to the party at a gymnastics playground. AOI had so much fun. She was the youngest among all the children but she wanted to try the rings and the trampoline. She is such a little brave-heart, I love her so much.

yummy salad

AOI rainbow game

AOI among books

AOI after nap

AOI waving bye to daddy 

  • yummy salad
  • AOI playing catch the waves on the parachute at gymnastics playground
  • AOI reading many books
  • Capturing a precious moment after an afternoon nap
  • Waving bye bye to daddy going to work
The Beetle Shack


This is week 15’s iPhone photo dumpweek15 iPhone Photo Dump

Wishing everyone a warm week 16



  1. Buona settimana anche a te, sempre dolcissime le foto della tua bimba! Un bacione!

    Facebook page

  2. Woo , her first day to school :) Nothing's better than a play date!

  3. Catching up on your posts after vacation - I just love your pics of your daughter! And - I saw REM in 1996! Feels for FOREVER ago now!


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