22 Apr 2013

Week 16

bubble in the skyPersonally our week was good. Apart from C and mum joining us to our routine trip to the swimming pool on Friday and going to the swimming pool as a family on Saturday, we didn’t do anything different from the previous weeks.

One thing we did differently was listening to the radio more than usual. I felt the pressure of the outside world heavy on my shoulders. This was the week I wanted to rewrite history.

I heard about the Boston Marathon bombing from the father of the little boy I tutor in Italian. I was devastated, because I was trying to come to terms with the bombing caused by two Canadians in Nigeria the previous weeks.

I remember on my way to the library I switched the radio off, instead I played the children CD we play to entertain AOI on our car trips. I am one of those who doesn’t like listening to the news very often because ever since I was little girl bad news get to me so much and I lose hope in mankind.

These bad news wipe away the belief that we don’t live in a world populated by only wicked people weakness. On my way back home from the library, I listened to the news. Right there I wanted to go back in time like an heroine from Heroes.

I once wrote that life is like a film, we all live a part and one day, when we die, we will get our rewards in Heaven. This thought recurred several time this week. But it is scary to have live and fiction blur together like that. But then again films are inspired by real like and it seems like real like is inspired by fictional life.

We live in a world made of secret agents, ordinary people becoming heroes, evil people killing innocent lives, sick people harming little children…

So, this week I wanted to go back in time to change few things.

But unlike a fictional world, I couldn’t go back. The only thing I can do is to live a better life, and work hard at my dreams and life purpose. To capture every second of my life with my loved ones because we don’t know how long we have left on this earth.

Monday night while I was getting ready to sleep, I thought about my daughter in her crib in the next room. I thought about this city I live and I know there is no safety anywhere but we can’t live in fear. We can only strive to live harder for those who lost their lives prematurely.

My thoughts and prayers go to Boston, Texas, Colorado, New Delhi and the whole world.

AOI listening


AOI snack time

AOI dance

  • AOI listening to daddy play the guitar
  • Busy little feet walking over relax big feet
  • Raspberry and tomatoes for snack
  • AOI dancing with daddy

The Beetle Shack


This is week 16’s iPhone photo dumpweek 16 iPhone Photo Dump

Wishing everyone a happy and hopeful week 17, may it bring luck to everyone



  1. A volte capitano cose davvero tristi, brutte, crudeli... La tua bimba però è meravigliosa!

    Facebook page

    1. Lo so, troppo dolore in questo mondo... grazie, per fortuna c'e lei e la mia famiglia per rasserenarmi :)

  2. she's so precious! and girl, I feel you about your heart being heavy...so much tragedy last week, I certainly wish that sometimes we could rewrite history!

    1. thank you for your kind words

  3. I'm just like you. It is hard for me to watch the news and see all the bad. It really gets to me.

    What a beautiful post though. We can only love as though it is our last day.

    1. Thank you Faith, let's live and love life :)

  4. We can only live our lives to the fullest, and do the same for our children.

  5. Last week was so hard. Th bad news gets me down very easily. After hearing about the event in Boston, I broke down and cried. I don't know why man wants to hurt their fellow men. There are so many things in life that will not make sense.

  6. I am the same way about reading or watching the news. It's too much and all the time. & perhaps these sort of things or worse were happening all throughout history, but weren't replayed over and over again. I'm not sure. All we can do is pray for protection for our children, family, and ourselves. I still believe there is more good than bad, but the media magnifies the bad- and it's all we hear about.

    Aside from that, I love these photographs, she is such a beautiful little girl. I didn't see a comment thread for your post above, but I am so with you on preferring paper books over electronic for my kiddo (& myself). I'm on my phone or laptop too much as it is, and I want/will, to get away from it while Dominic is wide awake and wanting to interact and play.


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