29 Apr 2013

Week 17 – The Miracle of Everyday Life

AOI in the puddle quotesThis week I read the above quote by Paulo Coelho, one of my favourite authors, and I believe it’s true. He is one of the writers I look up along my journey as a writer. I would like my stories to inspire other people. Hopefully my simple words will encourage someone to believe and love themselves.

Last Sunday while getting AOI ready for bed I felt two lumps in her right neck. I phoned her doctor to book an appointment on Monday. After the phone call we went to the swimming pool as usual. AOI wasn’t keen swimming along in her life jacket. Nowadays when she doesn’t want to do something she asks for cuddles and she knows we can’t resist having a cuddle from her. In the water she wanted me to cuddle her all the time. Also she loves the hot tub. After swimming for some time she asks me to go into the hot tub. We didn’t stay at the swimming pool very long.

Tuesday was my turn to prepare snack for the French playgroup. I took more food than needed but it’s always good because you never know how many people will turn up on that day. I really love taking AOI to these playgroups because it’s a great way to socialise with other mothers and for AOI to socialise with other children.

Wednesday morning I started an online photography workshops at CreativeLIVE, an organization offering FREE educational courses to people interested in expanding their creative interests and expertise. Their hosts are world’s best professionals in photography, business, productivity, design, film, and more. I read about this website on Kelle Hampton’s blog and I couldn’t wait to share it with my bloggy friends. One thing I love about it is that you can be part of the live show through a chat-room.

So, last Wednesday I attended a photography class hosted by Matthew Jordan Smith. He is the acclaimed photographer/author of Sepia Dreams, a collection of photographs and interviews with fifty African-American celebrities whom speak about the motivations and qualities that enabled them to find and embrace their dreams. Just to drop few names he has worked with Halle Berry, Jennifer Connelly, Jamie Foxx, Mandy Moore, and Oprah Winfrey. Singer and actress Vanessa L. Williams.

Currently he is doing a personal project which I personally wish I  was young enough to participate but unfortunately I am not and I would be taking a spot from a child who can easily become a future President of America and his or her picture should appear in the book. Hope one of my readers can take part in it.

I was a silent spectator. He talked about how one can use their personal projects to launch their career. Though his focus was on photography the idea is relatable to all careers in life.

In the afternoon, I took AOI to see our doctor for the lumps I felt in her neck. She freaks out when she sees him, it’s quite funny. Well, he said I shouldn’t worry and to come back in six weeks time if they are still there. Sometimes I wish I was a doctor, I would just go and scan her to make sure everything is fine instead of waiting. I just pray it’s nothing serious.

We had a play date with C and her nanny.

Thursday we went to our local indoor playground. Friday we went to the swimming pool with C and her mummy. It’s so nice to see how AOI and C are building their friendship. On our way out from the swimming pool they held hands.

Saturday was one of the best days in ages. It was +16 and I was in a dress without cardigan. I went to my friend’s house who braided my hair for me. We stayed for a bbq.

AOI stylish


AOI mummy1

AO helping in kitchen

  • AOI stylish on Saturday morning
  • AOI learning the art of photographing children
  • AOI taking care of her stuffy toys and teaching them to read
  • AOI helping daddy wash the dishes

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      Wishing everyone a happy and hopeful week 18

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      1. Your daughter is so cute! I love the picture of her helping her daddy with the dishes.
        Thanks for checking on me. We have had a busy few weeks and I have not had a chance to check in with project MILF. Will try to get back into it this week.
        Take care!

        1. i know, life can step in when you are trying to achieve something. we are here for moral support. A big hug

      2. ARGH! No, I say go get a second opinion and demand someone takes an MRI or x-ray or whatever. I'm sure she is just fine, and I will pray for her, but I wouldn't be able to just "Wait it out".

        1. i will ask for a second opinion

      3. My oldest had two lumps on the back of her neck at around 18 months of age. I had two different Dr's check and they both said she was fine. Something about swollen glands being common in the back of the neck. Your daughter is absolutely adorable! And I love the pink line through your photos for your watermark. Pink is a fabulous color.

      4. Your sweet girl is so stylish in that first picture! Very toddler vogue!


      Yes, I L*O*V*E them and look forward to receive great advice and encouragement. Let me know you are here, just write hi :)

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