18 May 2013

A Sense of Freedom

#18 of Blog Every Day In May is to:

Tell a Story From Your Childhood

Flashes of anecdotes from my childhood keep surfacing on my mind, yet I am tongue tight right now. Which story to tell. Suddenly I don’t know the definition of story.

What is a story?

As a writer I am supposed to know right? Wrong, I am not getting anything right so I googled the definition and I found these two definitions I like

“story” simply as a narrative sequence of events. First, something happens, and that led to something else, and that led to something else.

“Storytelling” is the mindful sharing of experience and imagination in a narrative form. {via}


“Ofosuhimaaaa!!! Ofosuhimaaaa!!! Come right here. You are going to have bronchitis.” my grandmother shouted below the street one rainy day. Being the wild child I was, I didn’t listen.

Running was my forte, I ran when it was windy, I ran when it was calm but more than ever I love running on rainy days. The street might remember the sole of my wet feet slap on it back.street

So, on that particular rainy day, I ran down the fine pebble paved street. My giggles in the air. Only in my underwear, bare feet. The street was my oyster.

I ran as the drops dribbled through my curls, into my eyes and down my face. It cooled my body. I ran many times on that street, but run when it was not raining but I love the rain the best. I felt free and close to God’s tears. I was told that thunders happen when God is cross and it rains when He is sad.

But I felt a sense of freedom, mindless about the late eighties atrocities in foreign lands.

I was ill the following day but my grandmother prepared my favourite pepper spinach soup, and nothing mattered. I still had enough voice to comfort the little boy crying from the other house

“Fifi, don’t cry, I will marry you.” to which my grandmother and great-grandmother would burst laughing.



  1. I LOVE THIS. There's something magical about being in the rain to me. I love how descriptive it is. You nailed it!

  2. i love you story. i remember running around in the rain as a child too. you described the feeling perfectly.

  3. I love this, you are such a great writer <3

  4. a gorgeous story. slim yet creating a vivid world in an instant. evocative of jamaica kincaid. or jean rhys. please write 300 more pages like this and i will read them xx

  5. This is beautiful :)

    I loved that you tried to comfort Fifi while you yourself was sick. You were sweet then too!

  6. I could see and imagine it all...


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