15 May 2013

A Typical Day in The Life of TOI

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A Day In The Life

{include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" }


6-6:30am= Wakie, wakie + one hour lie in {if we are lucky}AOI in a moment

7-7:30am= Breakfastcinnamon roll serve

8am= Brushing the mess from the breakfast/living area {daddy goes to work}P5073820

9am= Getting ready for the day {shower for mummy}AOI ready for playgroup

10am= Mondays + Wednesday {Swimming Pool alone or Walks or chill out}, Tuesdays + Thursdays {Playground}, – snack included, Fridays {Swimming Pool date with C.} AOI can have early naps {in this case I do yoga}AOI at playgroup

12pm= Walk back home {naptime/lunch time}lunch

1pm= Options {nap or driving from the pool, snack on the go for AOI and for mummy refer to 2pm}AOI naptime

2pm= Mummy working on her blog or novel or simply reading one of the many book she’s been reading since JanuaryP5073878

3pm= Snack Time {optional play date}AOI snack time

4pm= Optional play date or walks or playground or reading and playing with the toysAOI at playground

5pm-5:30pm= Preparing Dinner {daddy back from work}AOI cooking

6pm= Dinner time {Mondays I go out to tutor in Italian, Thursdays I go to my writing group}pizza

7pm= Bedtime routine for AOI {bath, reading and music}bedtimerituals

8-8:30pm= AOI sleeping {now daddy has time to relax before washing the dishes while watching a show on Netflix}dream

8:30pm-11:20pm= I watch TV shows on the iPad while I write, blog, edit photos or clean the house if the mess from the day activities is still on the floor or I do the laundry {but I am mainly procrastinating around this time}P5073892

11:20pm= bedtime routine for mummy {daddy is already sleeping by now}bedtime routine

12:00am= sleep time for mummy {nightie, night}night night


that’s a rough map of a day in the life of TOI, because sometimes I do more and other times I lazy around even more. Sometimes {like this morning} our human alarm clock wakes us up around 5:45am.


  1. I love your photos, and your little girl is so cute. What did you have for breakfast because they looked gorgeous! :)

  2. Your breakfast looks delightful! and I have a big stack of books I am half into myself. I thought I was the only one with books half read? I wish I could polish them off!

  3. I love that your daily life is so focued on family but still allows time for creativity

  4. Oh my! You sure do have a busy day. Looks like a fun day though. I like that you have activities throughout the day to keep AOI busy.

  5. I love day in the life posts! Love seeing how others spend their typical days.

  6. your photos are incredible! and your food photos made me really hungry... (:

  7. long day..but it looks so filled...the photos are so great!!

  8. Your day is so well planned. Loved that you documented it all with pics and that pic of AOI and her dad sleeping = priceless


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