19 May 2013

Favourite Blogs

#19 of Blog Every Day in May is to share

Five of your favourite blogs and what you love about them.

I really feel bad choosing only three blogs as my favourite because the prompt requests 5 blog and though there more blogs I love, today is one of those days that little girl wants more cuddles.

I choose these blogs because I've been reading most of them for so long I don't remember when my infatuation began. Other blogs I've following for some months but i can't stop going to their online home for some more. I love both old and new blogs for the content and post regularly.




This is the first blog I followed when I began my journey towards TTC. I don’t always leave a comment on her posts but I like interacting with Jenn via Google Chat and twitter. She is has a great determination and passionate. Her photo projects are so inspirational




I love the way Kelle manages to capture the beauty and joys in her every day life. She doesn’t try to pretty up things but though everything is not always as she might have wished them to be she cherishes what she has. Her photography tells 1000 stories.


When I found Monique, the author behind this blog, I felt as if I’ve found the best friend I always wanted to have. I simply love her and she is one of the bloggers I can say we have lot in common. She likes dark comedy, quirky music, literature, art and vintage fashion (she wears it so well). I want to be her friend also offline friend


Forgive me if I didn’t mention some blogs but I have to be selective


  1. I know about Kelle's but I will be checking out the other ones!

    Can't wait to go through everyone's links and find new blogs.

  2. Don't stress about it! Kids come first and this blog a day challenge is just that! A challenge! It's kicking my butt! ;)

  3. I am a new follower found you through the grapevine. So glad I did.

  4. I read Enjoying the Small Things Too! Her photos are so beautiful. Hope you enjoy your snuggles :)

  5. awww...these are awesome blogs...i don't know Enjoying the Small Things...need to check her out!!


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