5 May 2013

I Love This Blogger…

#5 Blog Every Day In May challenge is about

Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends… or talk about a real-life friend or even a family member

There are so many ladies in the blog-sphere that I admire and really love their personality. However, there are two Jennis I think about every time I am pursing something. They both live in Texas, they both recently started a photography business and they both love dogs but for this prompt I want to profess my love for Jenni @ SOML, the host of Blog Every Day In May challenge.Wildflower_Center_033

I love her because I admired her determination, sensible personality and genuine humbleness. Since I’ve e-known her {about two years now} she’s turned her passion for photography into a business, she is a great writer and she knows how to balance her fun writing with her thought provoking writing. She is so authentic. She is modest in all she does and is so easy to fall in love with her.

I hope she knows how wonderful and great person she is. I love you Jenni, you are an inspiration to many.

xoxo, TOI


  1. it's hard to choose - isn't it? so many lovely bloggers. and i LOVE your story!

  2. This was, soooo sweet, T. Thank you for making my whole day. :)

  3. Jenni is so cute! I love her too. Good choice :)

  4. What a wonderful person to choose! :)

  5. such a beautiful person, i really enjoyed this post today, i have so many bloggers that i enjoy. it was tough for me to narrow it all down.

    thank you for stopping by the blog today. so nice to meet you. wish you a great week. ( :

  6. I just found Jenni and haven't gotten to know her yet! I think I am going to really enjoy getting to know her. I loved your post! I followed you on Pinterest. I will be back to keep up with your posts throughtout the month.


  7. You are so right! I just started reading her posts and I agree with everything. Such a great blogger to chose.

  8. What a sweet post. I don't know, just stumbled onto her blog from someone I visited for the a-z challenge.
    Oozing Out My EArs


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