26 May 2013

I Read Online

#26 of Blog Every Day In May is to share:

Something You Read Online. Leave a link and discuss

Caitlin is a beautiful 20-something girl who “… loves to shop, drinks way too much coffee, plays guitar, and takes frequent trips to New York City. Oh, and I have one arm.”

I read this awesome post about the Common Reaction to my Limb Difference and I’m Thinking (in gifs). She points out the in Gifs the responses she gives to the observations people who make regarding her limb difference.

I hope one day AOI will be able to handle in such humorous way the observations regarding her limb difference like Caitlin. I also hope Caitlin will always write her blog or books even when AOI is in her teens and she would like to read blogs and in search of good role model {I believe she can tell she is going to be a great writer}



  1. I just visited her and she is awesome in her writings. She is such confident and cheery ones :)

  2. finally settled in with some bon iver, some iced coffee, and sunday morning catching up with you xx

  3. Thanks for sharing Caitlin's post. It is so well written and made me smile.
    Have a lovely day :)

  4. This was so beautiful and well said. Thanks for sharing


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