31 May 2013

In Black Mourning

Today is the last day of Blog Every Day in May. I am happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I am glad that, though on some days throughout this challenge I’ve been on the edge of quitting, I managed to push through until today #31. I am also sad because it’s over today. It was the first time I talked a lot about personal aspects of my past. This challenged forced me to dig deep into my deepest thoughts and share them, breaking few bricks of the fear that blocks me from sharing some part of my past life. Today is over with the prompt

 A Vivid Memory

bongo drums played during Ashanti funeral in kumasi


In my very first post of Blog Every Day in May I mentioned that a vivid memory I have of my life is the funeral of my father.

All around people came and went dressed in black mourning. I played around the crowd and then, while nobody was paying too much attention to me, I climbed onto the bed placed in the courtyard where my father lied. I went close to his face, it was cold but I didn’t pay attention to that because I wasn’t aware that icy cold people under tropical heat meant death. I was about three years old. At one point, one of my eldest sisters noticed where I was, she came to pick me up, held me tight and cried louder. I was oblivious to the event, all I wanted was to wake my daddy from the deep slumber.

Years later, people told me that because I was the youngest of his children, while everyone was out in school or cooking, I spent most of my afternoons playing with stones while my father read on the porch. Now, the only images I have of my father are faded sepia pictures.



  1. Wow, this is a very personal memory and definitely a testimony to the fact that you have gotten past that fear of sharing about your past. Thanks for sharing and so glad to have found you through the link-up. :)

  2. wow, what a vivid memory you must have of that moment. while it's so sad, for some reason it also seems so beautiful to me that you have such a peaceful memory of your father.

  3. Wow, what a deep and vivid memory to have.
    I must agree with Lauren, though deeply sad, there is something beautiful that I take away from that memory.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your memory.Wow! You made it so real to us who read it, I almost felt like the child you.

  5. I am sorry you lost your dad at a young age.

    In a way I find it sweet that you went to be close to him although you didn't understand the concept of death, of course being an adult now if you had been my child it probably would've made me cry all the more as well- as it did your sister.

  6. I am so glad you did the entire month! I honestly couldn't find my writing mo-jo :(

    I am sorry for your loss and I am very impressed that your dad's funeral is such a vivid memory at such a young age.


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