30 May 2013

Letting Go…

#30 of Blog Every Day in May is another difficult one. We have to
React To This Term: Letting Go
When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need. – Tao Te Ching
I remember writing what I wanted to let go as we entered into 2011. I cut the paper into tiny pieces and as the clock chimed midnight I let into the wind all I let go. Here I am close to the middle of 2013 and on my blog I let out what I want to let go.
Emotionally I let go sadness, fear, self doubt, bad feelings, insecurities, regret, anger, anxiety, jealousy, negativity and procrastination. In the material sense of letting go I want to let go my old clothes that I don’t wear but hope to pass them to my daughter – I will keep those I really love and feel they are unique pieces. I let go money, because money is not everything in this life instead I will nurture my passion and love for whatever I do.



I want do two post in one 1projectmilfbadge2013

Week 17 of #ProjectMilf is all about playing a fun game If I Could Visit Anywhere in the World… and finish the statement… feel free to add pictures.
Next month I am going to Europe and I am super excited about that but another place that I would like to visit if I could… is Hawaii. It’s one of my dream destinations, I don’t even know when that dream began.
Now the general update of Week 16
I walked as much as I could and slept more. I went to bed the same time as AOI.
My week 16 of #ProjectMilf is short. Doing the monthly update sounds great. Hope you have a great week.
Thanks for reading,
xoxo TOI


  1. You were right that writing is a saviour. This picture explains & gives a lot!

  2. Letting go of emotional negatives is always a great thing. A lot of times we get in our own ways mentally and when we drop our emotional baggage we end up so much more happier and successful. Yay for getting more sleep and getting in some exercise. I'm going to start walking the trail at our neighborhood park.

  3. You're going to Europe? Which country :D That's exciting.

    Every time I've declared that I'm letting go of something, I swear I think about it more (I have issues apparently). So instead I just ignore and suppress feelings until they dissolve into nothing, LOL. I may need a therapist.

  4. Love that picture of letting go and yes Hawaii...let's go right now!!

  5. And this is beautiful per the usual.

    but you're taking me to europe with you right? right?

  6. Beautiful post!
    I dream of Paris often!


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