21 May 2013

Past Favourite Posts

#21 of Blog Every Day in May is to sharing:

A list of links to your favourite posts in your archivesCIMG7480

{the only thing the above picture has in common with this post is that they are both part of my favourite posts}

When I saw this prompt I thought, awww, this is nice, something light. Also I’ve been meaning to do a page on my blog linked to my favourite posts but procrastinator is my middle name, so I haven’t done it. So what a great moment to list just few of my favourite posts. Most of these posts are pour my hear out posts. I let out my worries and past experiences. They make me vulnerable yet strong because every time I open up about my inner thoughts I feel a little bit stronger like a free bird

Home Goddess or Feminist Thinker This is the carefree me, I share my contracting nature

The Baby is Due In… before I retitled my blog Life of TOI, I was known as The Baby Plan because I started this blog to be able to de-stress while I was trying to conceive. Many followed my journey and I was happy to announce to my online friends. I announced it on 1st April and many thought I was playing an April Fool. I was really pregnant and waiting to give birth in November.

AOI’s Birth Story: Breathing Baby into the World After nine months pregnant I gave birth and in this post I share my experience. A cherished post.

Boxing You In when I was expecting I shared my worries and fears about having society force my daughter into a box because she is a person with diverse cultural background.

Just In Case the first time I opened up about AOI having a limb difference.

One Year Ago Tonight Recalling the birth of AOI

Life in Colour I just realised that I wrote this post exactly 2 years before my daughter was born and I talk about race and relationship.

Word{s} They Called My Skin this post shares how some of the bullies at my schools called my skin

It Doesn’t Matter another very personal entry. It comes from my journal twelve days after my daughter was born. In this post I just pour my heart out

Biracial Not Black or White In this post I sharing a documentary about how some biracial people see themselves

AOI’s Nursery Reveal among some of my favourite posts, this is one of the lightest and loving post I’ve shared on this blog of mine


sorry if they are heavy, but I love these post because they are personal and close to my heart.

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  1. it's very funny that you and i both included photographs that aren't in the favorite posts we included - and - that no one has commented on either of our favorite posts posts!!!!!!!!!!! seriously can't wait to read this but just woke up after a night of storms and have to be at work in 25 minutes. will read ALL OF THESE during the weekend when the school year is over & I am only getting up to go get more coffee xx hope you are all well


Yes, I L*O*V*E them and look forward to receive great advice and encouragement. Let me know you are here, just write hi :)

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