25 May 2013

People Respect and Admire You

#25 of Blog Every Day in May is to share

Something Someone Told You About Yourself That You'll Never Forget

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         One of the things I am proud to have is my good memory, especially for past events  {and I pray to have it for a long time}. I have a good archive of all the worse things people have said to me in the course of my young life. However, for this prompt I want to share how one day talking to my mother she said:

“You can’t even imagine how many people respect and admire you, here in town.”

That’s a phrase I remember because for as long as I know I’ve always questioned my worth in this life. I never saw my value on earth. Also, my fears has always induced me to be a good girl and though I’ve always tried to rebel, my rebellion has never being outside the four walls of my bedroom. And even when I disobeyed my mother about my curfew, I would come home one or two hours later feeling so guilty I would be extra good for the next couple of weeks.

And as a classic good girl, I got married before I moved out of my mother’s home to go live in my husband’s home. I guess many people respect and admire the way my life has evolved and is still evolving.

I must admit, I am glad and proud about the way my life is evolving.


Has anyone said something to you that you’ll never forget?


  1. Stunning picture, where was this taken. It looks lovely. You come across as such a lovely person so I'm not surprised you are admired and respected.:)

  2. I love the term classic good girl . It's true that sometimes we may not understand what we worth in others life , but the life collides our way into the reality :)
    This picture is absolutely stunning :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. I second what Rachel said! That photo is beautiful! What your mother said is a wonderful memory to keep with you as you question your worth in life, and I am sure that you worth PLENTY just from reading your blog.

  4. the picture is like a painting lovely.

  5. That picture is just absolutely stunning!

  6. 1. Eudora Welty says "all serious daring starts within."
    2. Long, deep memories will make you a respected novelist.
    3. I understand going from your mother's house to your husband's house. And now know it's possible to create your own house within houses.


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