17 May 2013

Portrait of Me

#17 of Blog Every Day in May is another light one. We have to share:

A Favourite Photo of Yourself and why

portrait of toi

I love the picture above because I was unaware when it was taken by the wedding photographer at our friends’ wedding. I was not conscious of it and it freed me from posing and I believe the photographer captured how I feel inside, loved and beautiful. Also, it’s nice to see my own beauty through someone’s eyes.

I feel so regal in that picture.


  1. It is a beautiful picture of you!

  2. You SHOULD feel regal because you look like a Queen!! The love in your face is so beautiful. Great photo to share.

  3. it's a gorgeous photograph of a gorgeous woman xx

  4. Stunning, you look so lovely :)

  5. You do have a regal essence in this photograph.
    It looks as thought someone captured you when you were fully present and alive to what was going on around you. Stunning photograph.

  6. Gorgeous photo! I agreed that he captured you wonderfully.


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