13 May 2013

Public Apology…

#13 of Blog Every Day In May is

  Issue a public apology

Oh, I feel bad writing this public apology, my heart is beating fast and I feel sick in the stomach. I have to do it so I will just move on and write itapologyimages

I hereby apologise to the public swimming pool for using the family changing room when it clearly states that to use the family changing room a parent must be of the opposite gender from the child/children.

I am so sorry I didn’t see that sign until last Monday, so please, public swimming pool, accept my public apology.


Anyways, I apologise deeply.

xoxo, TOI


  1. haha... I think you're forgiven! We just used the family changing room this past weekend at our rec center (the three of us) but we waited in line and the lady who came out...was with her daughter and I didn't think anything of it. I see it more as a convenience to dress your child while you might be 1/2 dressed, and it's a smaller room to keep them corralled. :) As long as you're quick about it...

  2. I don't know if I've ever even noticed that some family restrooms are designated as such...I use them all the time! Oops!


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