13 May 2013

Week 19 – Exploring

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This week we didn’t lock ourselves out of the house. Also apart from going to the swimming pool on Monday and playgroups on Tuesday and Thursday, we chilled at home and went for walks. AOI is helping so much with the house chores and cooking. She would like to do everything but then it would be more work for me so I try help her even though she protests.

The grass in the fields is turning deep bright green and that’s is lifting my soul.

Yesterday we didn’t go to church, instead I went to a nearby park to attend a FREE yoga practice offered by one of our local  ethical stores. It was awesome to be in the open and enjoy yoga with more than twenty people in open air.

I am going to attend this FREE yoga every other Sunday so I can go to church as well.

Also we went for a lovely walk in one of the French town in Saskatchewan.

The boldest thing I did this week was believing in my novel enough to invest in it.

I am paying a professional editor to edit it for me. Once that part is done I will see the next step to take. Also I purchased Kelly Brown’s workshop at creativeLIVE, because I want to learn more about newborn photography and hopeful that will help me capture some important pictures for myself and others when they have a newborn and they want to capture the beauty of that newness in childhood and parenthood.

CreativeLIVE offers FREE educational courses to people interested in expanding their creative interests and expertise. Their hosts are world’s best professionals in photography, business, productivity, design, film, and more. You can purchase the course to have on your computer and mobile devices to refer to it as often as you want.

Thursday Brooke Shaden will host a Fine Art Photography workshop, and I am looking forward to attend {I am not sponsored to write about creativeLIVE, I just love their initiative}.

AOI cooking

AOI daddy walk

AOI exploring with daddy

AOI exploring with mummy
  • enjoying a ride barefeet
  • preparing pizza for dinner
  • walking the prairie land with daddy
  • the little explorer on daddy’s shoulders
  • the little explorer on mummy’s shoulders

The Beetle Shack


Today I started a three days juicing challenge with Frugal Married. Late morning, sitting next to AOI as she enjoys her snack of crackers, strawberries and tomatoes, made me want to give up on this challenge. In fact I gave up and had proper lunch instead of juicing.

Have a great week 20


  1. Beautiful. I love reading/seeing your family outing pics. AOI is so cute and quite stylish!

  2. she is getting so big! as our both of our girls, I guess! i love the picture of her with the rolling pin!

  3. Truly lovely images :)

    thanks so much for linking up, it's lovely to have you as part of the stills collection! :)

    I hope this week is a beautiful one!

    xo em


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