27 May 2013

Week 21: Surprises

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This week AOI did few things that really surprised me.

Tuesday, just as we are getting ready for the French playgroup, she climbed to sit in the stroller by herself when she was ready to go. I didn’t have to tell her to sit in there but moreover we didn’t have to play the usual dodge mummy/catch toddler game. She took her teddy bear and happily waited few seconds before I put my trainers on.

And for the rest of the week when she wanted to go out she would just get ready herself {wearing her rain boots} and climb into the stroller then tell me “Outside”

Also this week she didn’t nap in the afternoon couple of days and I was surprised she managed to go through the day without her naps. Not napping in the afternoon was good for when it was time to sleep in the evening but it was not great for me because I couldn’t do much in the day. And in the evening I collapse at the same time as her bedtime.

The biggest surprise was AOI saying “Damn it.” few hours after her daddy has used that expression because he couldn’t turn on the outside pipe.

When we heard her say that with a smile we looked at each eyes wide open. Did we hear right? our eyes questioned. Well we didn’t have to doubt that she was saying that words because she repeated it again couple of times.

“You better be extra careful what you say around her because she is like a sponge, she absorbs words even when you think she is not listening.” I whispered to AMI.

She doesn’t say that word very often but I know it’s part of her vocabulary now, because she is storing words and phrases. Sometimes she says words both in Italian and English which I don’t remember teaching her – I hope not hearing her daddy say that word again will fade from her mind. So I concluded that anything I say she might not repeat it right then but she will repeat it when I least expect her to.



Oh, I tried this yummy enchiladas recipe Emily share on her blog. It’s easy to to follow.

The Beetle Shack
  • Where is AOI among her stuffy friends
  • Enjoying the May spring weather in the garden

Enjoy week 22


  1. Aww she's becoming little miss independent!
    ...It's so hard for me to watch my tounge around Evita.

  2. Lol...too cute!

    My 6-month old repeated "damn!" on Sunday evening. We were watching tv and the character said it. I thought it was my imagination but my siblings all heard her and looked at me. She says da da though so its possible it was just "da" which sounds similar. Needless to say, we are not being very watchful of what we say around her.

  3. Oh my gosh what a cute photo of her in the box! It is cute how they just start noticing patterns of their day and when to do things. They are little sponges! Don't feel too bad though I dropped the F bomb when someone almost smashed into my car while Dominic was in the back seat, and than he yelled it : ) #mommyfail Fortunately, he didn't keep saying it.

  4. oh precious AOI, they are soaking up so much at this age and we don't even realize it!

  5. Lol at the word...kids are like sponges...look at that green grass!!

    1. green green grass is the benefit of having very late and sudden spring :)

  6. I'm going to go with she will probably blurt out damnnit when you least expect it at a not so good time!! Lol! hopefully it will fade from her mind though, but you never know with little ones!! it's crazy how much they pick up from us by just listening and observing. I will have to remember this ;)

    1. i am worry about her using it when we don't even expect

    2. if she does, chances are everyone will get a good laugh over it ;).

  7. It is so true, they are sponges. They will eventually repeat things that you never remember saying.


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