6 May 2013

What I Do…

#6 of Blog Every Day In May is the hardest for me.

"If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question 'what do you do?"

AOIplaygroupAs a stay at home mother who is writing and hopes to be a published author, I didn’t know how to answer the question because I don’t get paid for what I do. I could easily say I don’t do nothing and someone might believe it, but that would be the biggest lie ever. SO thinking hard about this daunting question I came up with this list

  • I entertain my daughter with books
  • we go to playgroups, play-dates, swimming pool,
  • we go for long walks
  • I am a ‘full time” writer between her naps and in the evening when hubby comes home from work and looks after our daughter
  • I try to capture in words and photographs the beauty in our every day miracles
  • I am an Italian tutor once a week
  • I go to my writer’s group,
  • I am blogger, a writer who LOVEs to write about the beauty in the every day ordinary life

SO what do you do?

This is a series hosted by @JenniDtweets


  1. You are doing what you love which is AWESOME! That's pretty much what everyone wishes for.

  2. good luck with all those endeavors!

  3. I'm just so happy to meet someone who's committed to writing and mothering - the two jobs you may never receive any money for doing but the two best jobs in the world [as far as I'm concerned]. All the best success to you!

  4. I lovehat you do! No amount of money can add up to what you are able to give AOI now.

  5. What a beautiful blog. You have such a darling little girl. It's great to be able to write at home and stay with her.

  6. You are so busy, just being a mum is a full time job! Italian is such a beautiful language, you are so lucky to be able to teach it.

    Rachel x


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