7 Jun 2013

I Had A Plan…

june blog planAs you can tell from about, this month I had planned topics to discuss on my blog. However my body and mind want something completely different. DISCONNECTION from personal blogging. My body wants to relax and my mind want to soak up books I’ve been meaning to read in ages and blogs I need to catch up in reading.

I am really fighting against this state of being but, unfortunately, I know I can’t win.

For instance, I’ve been reading my bloggy-friends blog entries but it takes me days to write a comment and I am so sorry about that.

As much as I don’t want it, I am taking a break from blogging. I want to focus on reading blogs, books and watching music, dance and culinary programs. Also I want to focus on packing for Europe.

In the meantime I am leaving you with this awesome giveaway {I am very excite about it, so please enter for the chance to win a Shabby Apple $50 gift card}Shabby Apple Giveaway

click photo to enter.

Arrivederci {see you soon}!!!




  1. enjoy your break friend! I know that you're going to love taking a quick hiatus...but we'll be here when you get back!

  2. i hope you enjoy your break. summer's coming! things need to slow a bit. find a different place. besides it's always fun imagining what friends are doing when we don't hear from them & so much fun to catch up once we meet up again xx

  3. Enjoy your summer break. Have good times and a safe journey :)
    Cheers :)x

  4. enjoy your break! i love when i take them from blogging :)

  5. Break sounds good and it is good! This summer is for simplicity and you deserve it!


  6. Enjoy your break and your vacation..can't wait to enjoy it along with you!!

  7. Do what you need to do dear. There have been so many times I've taken an unplanneed break from blogging and I'm so glad I did. We need to listen to our minds and bodies and relax when we're told

  8. It's nice to take some time off away from the computer! Enjoy your time doing the things that you love! I hope your trip to Europe is fantastic.

  9. Listening to your heart is so important, so is taking a break! Happy Summer Solstice!

  10. Checking in every now again to see if you're back. Enjoy your break. Enjoy Europe. See you when you get back x


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