3 Jun 2013

Week 22


{I snapped this picture on 25 May in the park at the zoo during a festival}

I can’t believe how tiring this week was. Hubby had a conference to attend to so I was left alone most nights taking care of AOI after a very hectic day.

The proof of how tired I was is the lack of photos in my week 22 folder, I mean I have only 15 photos. For a photography lover as me, I was super surprised when I decided to upload few pictures today just find 15 photography of poor qualities as well.

Two days stood out for me were Monday and Tuesday.

Monday: I was so tired and had no desire to do anything. Feeling guilty I tried to have an early nap but AOI wouldn't collaborate. So we had snack, had a change of diaper and went for a quick walk. It took me about 10 minutes walk for AOI to fall asleep.

In the afternoon I wanted AOI to play in the garden but the mosquitoes are back in business. I was going to put the mosquito cream on but AOI freaked out when a plane flew by – she is freaking out too much about noises that sound like planes passing by.

Tuesday: I made the biggest mistake to undo my braids instead of going to the French playgroup. AOI was cranky most of the day. Well, she woke us up at 8am after trying to let us get out of bed for one hour.
After I washed my hair and had a shower, we had snack and then went for a walk. She didn't sleep, so we stopped at a playground. After 10 minutes I decided it was time to go for another walk. She slept 10 minutes later.

In the afternoon we went to have AOI's 18month vaccination. My heart was in pain to see her hurt so much after the injections. She was so delicate and mummy's cuddle. My heart felt like stopping every time she cried "Mummy, male" (mummy, pain).

The rest of the week went by smoothly.

Wednesday, I planned the day. We went swimming in the morning. She had a good nap and then we went to the mall before heading to C's house for a play date in playground. Thursday was last day of the indoor playgroup. The kids could feel something in the air because they were wild than ever. Thank goodness nobody cried in the end. Friday C and her mummy joined us at the swimming pool and we talked about potty training and teeth brushing {these are few of the greatest conversations we have when in each other’s company}.

Now that ‘school’ is over for AOI we will enjoy our time with some friends we made during the indoor playgroup period by going to the paddling pool, AOI will ride her bike in the house {she wanted a bike so much, but can’t ride yet so she just pretends paddling in the house}. Also I am so looking forward to our trip to Italy and Great Britain new week.


{I want to ride my bicycle}

I wish everyone a great week 23.

xoxo, TOI


  1. I remember I hate loud noises when I was little. And I'm not looking forward to when all the mosquitoes are out! I hate them.

    So, so exciting that you are going to Italy and Great Britain next week! Pack me in your suitcase!

    AOI is adorable on her little bike :)

    1. She's already taking me in her suit case, you'll have to find another way ;)

    2. nessun problema, you can both fit into my huge bags {I am taking two} :)

  2. I think your daughter should marry my son. LOL I've decided. She is so stinkin cute!

    Days go so much more smoothly when we plan and stick to the plan with these little creatures. I'm the same way when I have no set things for our day it all goes haywire.

  3. She's getting so big! I know how tiring it can be takin care of kids solo. My husband works nights and sleeps during the day. So, I'm pretty much with the kid all the time. We have are days.

  4. You're daughter is not alone with the loud noises--my 4 year old does not like hand dryer.

  5. look at Miss AOI....so precious on her bike!! when i saw your blog name...i was like what did i miss something? Week 22 sounds like a pregnancy post...heehee (hint hint)


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