27 Aug 2013

Bosley Va Al Mare: a bilingual book review

bosleyThe title of this post is the Italian translation of Bosley Goes To The Sea, a bilingual book created by  Tim Johnson, the author of the children’s book Adventures of Bosley Bear Series and founder of TheLanguageBear.

Tim recently asked me if I would be interested in reviewing one of his ebook children series. I was excited because I want more Italian books to read to AOI.

I got my free electronic copy, which I easily downloaded unto my kindle app on iPad (it comes in three electronic format, Kindle, ePub or PDF). Bosley Va Al Mare is about the adventure of Bosley at the beach one day and his discovery of the diverse abilities all the other animals at the beach have like flying or swimming. Initially Bosley would like to swim like a fish or fly like a bird. But in the end he realises that he can do something different from all the other animals like building sand castle. I love the message about self acceptance.


These series of books are specifically designed to teach young children new words and phrases in a variety of languages. The book is available with translations in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. The book can be purchased through Amazon.

I love the bright illustration and the fact that you can increase the size of the images. One thing I would love is if it is available in audio format too because that would be awesome way to capture more children’s attention and help first time readers read a foreign language alone.

AOI loves it, as soon as I open the kindler she get hold of the gadget and doesn’t want me to read to her. She skips the pages and I find it hard to read it in one sitting but I still like to know that as she grows and understand that I can read to her from the iPad and she doesn’t have to be the boss of it, we will have a great fun bilingual book to read together.



Tim Johnson discovered the power of bilingual books while visiting Japan as a teenager. In 2007 he founded the Language Bear bilingual bookstore and is committed to educating children in foreign languages as a tool for increasing cultural awareness and gaining new perspectives.

He lives in Main with his wife and twin boys.

His dream is to raise his twin boys speaking or at least understanding many languages and help others do the same.


  1. this is a brilliant idea!
    my husband and i definitely want our kids to be bilingual when we have them, but we have to work on our language learning first!

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  3. Thanks so much for the great review, TOI! I'm so glad you and the little one enjoyed the book. Bosley will have a lot more books coming out in the future so stay tuned!


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