12 Aug 2013

Week 32: I Surrender

I had so much sad thoughts to share but suddenly I feel good and I don’t want evil thoughts to ruin how I feel right now. I found this song two weeks ago and it just lifts my spirit so closer to the Lord. I float in the air and I dance with my guardian Angel and I feel alive again.
I feel so LOVED!
I Surrender - Hillsong Live (Cornerstone New 2012 DVD Album) Lyrics_Subtitles (Worship Song) - YouTube by Hillsong on Grooveshark

I surrender to the Lord. I ask him to speak to me through my daily endeavours and though last week I cried more than usual I leave everything in the capable hands of Almighty because I know He is protecting me and He is working through me and will show me the how at the right time.daddyfishing

The week 32 was another busy one. Tuesday morning we drove daddy to the airport for flight to Ontario, he had to sit in as outside examiner for a PhD student. In the afternoon we stayed indoor because it was raining. Wednesday afternoon AOI and I went to our local paddling pool alone. Daddy got back home on that evening.

Thursday we met with C and her mum at their local paddling pool. At one point the girls who look after the pool had to disinfect the pool so they told us to use the playground while they did that. I was looking after AOI when a little boy about 5 came close to us and he noticed that AOI has one finger on the left hand. He let out a small laugh that I thought was mean for a little boy of five. I told him that she was born with her hand like some are born with blue or green eyes. He told me he has green eyes.

Later on he made a comment about AOI’s hand that saddened me so much because that comment was one of the many comments some bullies use to hurt people’s feelings and this one was coming from a 5 years old.

When we went back into the paddling pool area this same little boy went to AOI and took her left hand in his. I don’t know what he did because AOI had her shoulders facing me. I told the boy to leave her alone because people don’t go around opening his eyes to see the colours of his eyes.

I felt bad that evening because as a mother I want to protect my little sweet girl from pain but I know I can’t do anything when she will be out into the wider world without me or her daddy. I just pray God protects her against all evil and gives her the strength she needs to live in this world that can be so cruel.

Friday we went to our friends’ house and at one point we were all having a chocolate cake and AOI wanted some cherries so I was cutting some for. Another friend had her dog outside so she went to if check if the dog was doing alright. The next thing I hear is AOI screaming with her hands on her face.I rush to her and uncover her face to find a wasp in her eye. I was so scared, but thank God the bite was not serious. Her left eye was swollen but by Saturday the swell was looking better.

Saturday afternoon we went to the river, in a spot that people can swim and enjoy a little bit of beach fifteen minutes outside the city.

Sunday sermon just confirmed what I need to know. To give control and just have faith in the Lord.

In the afternoon we went to our local forestry farm and AOI and her daddy fished in the pond. I am opening my heart up to the small things that made me happy just few weeks ago.


  1. I know you just want your daughter to be loved and protected. God will do everything for her good. I'm glad you are accepting the goodness of little things because they make huge differences :)

  2. ^ I Agree, God will do everything for her good. A big hug your way and prayers that you find some happy and uplifting experiences in the weeks to come. Hang in there, life gets the best of us all at some point or another.

  3. That really is very disturbing that a 5-year old can be that cruel. Where was his mother when this was happening? I am shocked that she said nothing.
    AOI is a beautiful girl and I know that she will be a strong girl too.

    1. He was out with the child care he goes to. I could see that he might turn out to be a bully one day and that's really saddened me

  4. My prayers goes out to you. I know you want to keep your little girl safe and she will be. I ask that The Lord protects her all her days. It's hard for us moms to see the path that is ahead of our kids.

  5. oh goodness girl...sending hugs your way! As mommas we just want to do everything we can to protect our babies.

  6. Kids can be so rude these days. You definitely did the right thing in speaking up to the other child because obviously his parents didn't have the common sense to monitor him and see that he being rude to your daughter. I think that AOI will be fine. You all are raising her to not let disability to be a road block or make her feel different. And at the end of the day, I think that's how she'll handle bullies when she's older.

    She won't let them stop her from living her life. God is watching over her.

  7. Oh my goodness. Is it bad that I want to punch a 5 year old in his face?

  8. I am like you and want to protect my little one as well. You are teaching AOI to be strong in the face of adversity- one day she WILL be able to protect herself against hurtful words.

  9. Breaks my heart that a 5 year old did that. Too going to be so cruel. :(

    And I'm so glad to hear that the bite was not serious. It scared me to think of a wasp in her eye.

    Glad to hear that things are looking up and that you're looking to Him for all that you need. Thinking and praying for you.

  10. Hugs! Sounds like a somewhat tough week but good news is that you got through it! Felt bad for AOI and the little boy, people need to be taught manners. Hopefully week 33 is a better one!

  11. I would FREAK out if a wasp got in Dominic's eye too! I'm glad she's okay. Some children have no filter, and are attentions seekers (even if it's bad). Your daughter will be fine, I'd pray for that little boy too (even if I do want to hit him upside his head).

    I feel that you are going through some emotionally troubling times lately and I want you to know that God sees you, loves you, and everything will be okay. (((hugs)))

  12. I find it so hard to strike the balance between defender of Jack with his hand and being willing to step back and let him handle things. I believe God will bless our kids with the personalities necessary to handle these situations and with protection to block some of what is said from their ears!

  13. OMG, I can't believe how rude that little boy was. You handled the situation so well, I would have lost my sh*t even though he is a kid. Continue to protect AOI as much as you can, she'll grow to be a strong woman and learn to ignore those distasteful comments.


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