19 Aug 2013

Week 33: Just Great

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my little explorer

AOI in the riverIt was a really great week. Sunny, full of activities for a very active toddler and  lovely play dates.

Monday we went to the swimming pool after a long hiatus. AOI enjoyed it so much, she is such a great kid I can’t stop saying that, she was happy to be back swimming. She swims with the armbands and we tried couple of times without them but that didn’t work. However, she didn’t panic so much as she would have few months ago.

Tuesday I took it easy because, I must say after going so fast {meaning doing so much activities} over the weekend, I deserved a good rest. AOI and I coloured a giant colouring pages of Cars.

Wednesday we had play date at C’s house. C’s mum wanted to do yoga with the girls but in the end we just had to give up because the girls were more interested in just lying on the mat or bringing books and toys out from the shelves. We gave up yoga in the end and just talked about potty training and how we are doing that.

Thursday morning we went to Tim Horton’s for breakfast. After that we drove daddy to work and went to the playground for thirty minutes. We then went to so clothes shopping. AOI had the longest nap she’s had since we’ve got back from our holidays. After nap we spent the rest of the afternoon reading books and AOI singing nursery rhymes with me. Her favourites were monkey jumping on the bed, twinkle little star, itsy bitsy spider and teddy bear teddy bear. Another thing we enjoy doing was colouring a big plan canvas: the fridge.

Friday morning we went for a walk and on our way back home we stopped at the playground. I was so tired because the weather was super hot. After a AOI’s afternoon nap we went to a play date organised by one of our new mummy friends. There were two eight months old babies and one 6 month. Is so lovely to see how AOI naturally loves babies. I hope she keeps that nurturing nature.

Saturday we went to our local river beach, the same one we went to last Saturday. This time we had another single mother and her four year old daughter with us. We asked another family to join us but they came late and stayed at another part of the beach so we couldn’t see them until we were leaving. We had another great  and the children enjoyed playing with the filthy river foam. AOI didn’t sit still for most of the time. She sung and walked about in the water carrying a yellow sand castle bucket or a stick she found in the river. We had dinner on the beach.

When it was time to go, C’s mom found out that her car battery had run out because she left the lights on. Thank goodness she had the jump starter and we were able to start the car without too much problem.

On our way back home we saw the single mother we met that day holding her daughter in her arms. Her car was damaged on the front because somebody crash into it while they were driving. We felt so bad for her but they were okay and nothing serious had happened. Just they will be without car for some time.

Sunday we had a quiet day, just church and home.

colouring fridge


children at the beach

I wish everyone a wonder week 34.

xoxo, TOI


  1. Sounds like a fun, active week!

    Beautiful pictures!

    AOI is growing so nicely!

  2. I could disappear into the comfort of this life. Just the photograph of the crayons brought back so many memories of daughters and home. Your daughter IS sweet - I can see it, sense it from the photographs. I would say enjoy your beautiful life but it seems you're already doing just that x

  3. Beautiful pix and AOI is so cute. Sounds like a great week and oh so deserving :)

  4. AOI looks so grown up in that 2nd pic. Crazy how time is flying, to think that she will be 2 soon. Crazy huh?

    I totally need a break after a crazy busy weekend. Looks like you guys had an awesome week.

  5. Love your photography. I can't believe how big she has gotten. Looks like you had the perfect mix of elements to make for a fantastic week!

  6. AOI looks beautiful in that first picture! love the carefree week you've had with lots of fun playdates!

  7. I forget how busy life is with a toddler. You seem to be making the most of it! Beautiful photos.

  8. Love your daily account. AOI looks so cute in her polka dot outfit! Lol @ the huge canvas. Exactly why we are not painting our home just yet because I can see our little girl doing the same thing :-).

  9. that first photo is just beautiful...i love when days are just great!

  10. She is the most gorgeous little girl <3 Your week sounded like a lot of fun!


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