26 Aug 2013

Week 34 – I Wanted to Be Lazy

AOI 21st month footprintsYes, I wanted so much to be lazy this week but I wasn’t allowed. Time wasn’t on my side. In fact time is never on anybody’s side. I had so many things to do during nap time that I couldn’t allow myself to simply fall asleep as AOI sleeps.

Well, as usual on Monday we went to the swimming pool. In the evening, after meal, daddy took AOI for a walk by the river to see the beavers. When they got back I asked AOI

“Did you see the beavers?”

“Yep.” she said happy. Daddy told me that they’ve started a new invented story about an elephant called Edward.

Tuesday morning AOI helped me do a mini photo shoot at home. She was excited about that. After each click she demanded “Let’s me see.” as clear as that. After the photos we went to the local playground.

Wednesday morning I returned few items I purchased @Winners. After that, AOI and I went to the playground near C’s house because I agreed with her mum to have a play date with C and her nanny. There was a lovely girl, V. She is about seven and caring nature made me believe that in this world there will always be people who are ready to fight the right and honour of other human beings. She deserve a short entry on this blog. In the end AOI poured water on herself and started to cry so she got out of the paddling pool. I didn’t have anything for her to wear because the dress I brought was wet in my bag because I left open the water bottle. I had to let her wear my shirt while I dried her clothes. The rest of the day was about napping and colouring for AOI. Mummy was getting her blogging and writing act together.

Thursday we had a family day together. We had a lovely pizza at our favourite bakery/restaurant. I am just saying that their pizza is so nice AOI wanted to take the plate with her. She was crying for more pizza when we had to leave the place. I promised her I will take her once a month to enjoy a lovely pizza {I guess, I’m the only one who will remember that promise Princess}

Friday morning I drove to the paddling pool near C’s house because I promised V that we would go there because it was the last day before school start. When we got there I saw that the opening hours on Friday are from midday until four. It was going to be too late for us to stay because AOI takes her nap. AOI played with V and her sister for some about half an hour and then we went to C’s house, which is just across the street from the paddling pool.

They girls are learning how to take turns when playing with a toy. AOI is at the stage in which she doesn’t find it easy to give up on something she really likes playing with. Just two months ago she didn’t mind. C doesn’t mind giving up a toy but sometimes she has a toy which she doesn’t like to give up either and in that moment I find it very hard to explain to AOI that she is the guess and she shouldn’t take over C’s toys.

Just before midday we left because AOI had to nap.

When AMI got back from work, in the evening, he convinced me to go to one of our nearest lakes. I wasn’t very excited about the idea but once we were there I was happy to be there. Sometimes I need a little bit of convincing to do something that I don’t initially like. AOI was paddling with a sand shovel. She is the cutest Smile

paddling the lake

on the lake

Saturday morning was a lazy morning. Hurray! I was so happy to just lazy around the house. AMI set up the tent outside but we didn’t use it because it was a hot day. We went to the swimming pool late afternoon and then had Chinese take away for dinner.

Sunday we left church early because the sermon was just a research about the reading. The priest is on holiday so it’s difficult to fill his shoes. We went food shopping instead. After lunch and towards late afternoon, AMI decided he wanted to ride to one of our local park for AOI to play. I suggested a place I know. He said he knew where I meant and in the end we rode our bikes for double the length. Just imagine my annoyance. I wanted to kill him for making ride the bike more than need. Errrr! But in end we got to the spray park AOI brought the smile back to my face it was so fun to see her running away from the spraying water. I am sure she will enjoy more next summer.at the spray pad

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Have a great week 35


  1. Reading this reminded me that we haven't been to a pool all summer. We were near a pool when we went to New Orleans for my sister's wedding in May and I completely forgot to pack our bathing suits. And then it rained pretty all of July and now Moo is getting ready for school.

    I'm looking forward to the day when we own a place with a pool and can take advantage of it any time we want.

  2. Good pizza is almost the best thing in life :)

  3. i so wish we had a good spray park in our area...we've just got different water parks, but no spray parks which I think Elyse would love so much!

  4. I do so love seeing these weekly updates. You capture precious moments so well.
    AOI eating pizza is just beautiful!


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