11 Sep 2013

Europe 2013 – The First Day in London

“Teddy look, a bus” she pointed a pick up track to Lucky bearteddy look

AOI and teddy

AOI in London 2013

the blue room

13th-14th June 2013

Our flight to London was on time. AOI was fascinated by the wheels on the plane. She wouldn’t sit still but in the end with good persuasion and mummy’s ‘latte’ she fell asleep ten minutes into the flight and slept through until we landed in Calgary.

The flight to London was okay too, AOI fell two hours into the flight and managed to sleep for most of the journey. We landed just before midday. The weather was grey as usual and that welcomed me to my old city. We went straight to Park Inn hotel. It’s about fifteen minutes away from terminal 3. at the airport to check if they could check us in. They did.

I was so jetlag by a combination of tiredness and pregnancy hormones. AOI looked good because she had a good sleep on the plane. Also she used to have two naps a day so her body clock hadn’t shifted very much. I tried to sleep but she kept on saying “Mummy sleepy”, so I gave up on the nap, and went to the swimming pool downstairs.

AOI is getting so bold with her swimming, she took two floaters under her armpit and just swam. One thing I learned was: never pass your child’s disposable diaper as a swimming diaper because it will look like a balloon when it comes in contact with water.

As soon as I saw that AOI’s diaper was getting big we went out from the pool. She had snack and then watched the Italian news for awhile. One of the news that got to me was how a minister had called the first black foreign affair minister monkey. I felt so bad because that was the Italy I was going back to. The Italy I love never progresses.

My in-laws, they were coming to Napoli with us, arrived at the hotel just before dinner. We all joined them for dinner. We didn’t even finish eating that AOI started to feel sleepy and grumpy. We went to bed just before half past seven. We slept until eleven.

We woke up in time to watch the final part of the Arab Pop Idol. When AOI woke up at that time she said “Downstairs”, because that’s part of her routine at home. We soothed her back to sleep by playing her favourite prairie lullaby songs. We all fell asleep again before one o’clock, just in time to get about three hours sleep before we leave the hotel for the next flight to Napoli.

welcome to london 2013


  1. I'm excited to read more about your trip.

    The picture of AOI on the phone(?) is adorable! Love it!

    The comment made about the minister. No words :/

  2. It's sad to see so much racism in our world. You would think ministers and leaders would be fighting to help end it not joining in on the ignorance. Glad you guys had a safe flight and hope you enjoy your visit.

  3. Can't wait to read about your trip.
    I hate that racism is still so alive and thriving. I blogged about that incident a couple of weeks ago. It really is shameful. I love Italy and thankfully have never experienced racism in the years I have visited.
    Praying the next generation stops the madness!

    1. By the way, I love the picture of AOI on the suitcase being pulled by her dad :-).

  4. I absolutely love your pics. AOI is so gorgeous and she seems like a sweet girl too.

  5. YAY you are posting about your trip to Europe, so excited to read all about it.
    Loving the pics, AOI is such a big girl now.


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