17 Sep 2013

Europe 2013 – Tour of Napoli

This is a photo load post.

Napoli, unlike Vicenza where I am from in Italy, is an exotic city. Loud, hectic and free willed. It’s so different from the Italy I am used to in the north. I’ve never seen kids on scooters without helmets, or family members packed on one scooter or so much dirt in a city. But the people look so happy and carefree.

My mum lived in one of the provinces of Napoli and also many of the people I know in Italy had a stop over in Napoli. One thing they remember fondly is how once you are in Napoli you don’t feeling going back to Africa, you just feel at home.

napoli tour2

napoli tour4

napoli tour1

napoli tour3napoli tour5

at the museum1

at the museum4

at the museum

at the museum2

AOI seemed to enjoy her tour at the museum of Napoli.at the museum3


  1. Beautiful! Looks like a fun city to visit.

  2. Looks chaotic! but also really fun. I love the stone streets and all the old architecture, and of course the palm tree. And AOI is the cutest <3

  3. I've read about your experience growing up your hometown in Italy and how you discriminated against. So, I'm glad to hear that Napoli is much more tolerant and non-discriminating. I think all countries have certain areas that accept diversity better than others. And it's always nice when you visit those areas where everyone just seems to be loving life and nobody makes a big deal about you different. I'm striving to find that neighborhood here for me and my family.


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