5 Sep 2013

How I Manage My Time

Day 3 of Blogtember is Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered. 

Lately I feel like I don’t have enough time at hand but then I saw this draft post and then I realised that’s how I used to do it. That’s a good advice for myself and hopefully for someone who needs way to manage their own hectic lifestyle.

DRAFTED May 2nd 2013

SO today as part of educating on something I know a lot about I decided to share with you how I manage my time. This is such a great task because I am still working at finding time in the day to combine my me-time with writing, motherhood and wifehood.

Solution? I don’t sleep!!!

Just kidding… my curfew is midnight-ish!

  • Wake around 6:30am, bright outside {spring can be annoying} or AOI wakes up before 7am
  • If I wake up before my two loves, I sneak into my studio to write or blog depends on the mood {lately I am doing more query letter writing so I end up reading and commenting blogs or just reading them}.
  • If AOI wakes up before 7am I have a lie in and if hubby wakes up around that time I let him read to AOI while I go into my studio. Sometimes AOI follows me there and sits on a blanket while I work
  • From Monday to Friday we try to leave the house between 9:30-10 for any planned activity {swimming, playgroup} added to those we meet our friends for play-dates
  • I MAKE TIME FOR MY WRITING, by utilising nap times {1-3pm} and in the evening when AOI is asleep I work more on the computer.
  • As AOI grows she likes to play alone with her toys in or around the kitchen and living room {we have an open plan, so it’s easy to use my ears and eyes to make sure she is not doing anything that might hurt her}

To be able to achieve many thing within the time frame I have, I try to be focused and selective.

  • We don’t owe a TV, but I still love watching some TV shows, The Amazing Race, Fashion Star, Amici, Uomini e Donne, Shark Tank, The Voice and Dancing with The Stars, I watch them online so I can do that while I am doing the dishes or I am blogging.
  • Now that the weather is getting nicer, I walk every chance I get to keep my workout to a good level. So I walk to the playgroups and for long walks when she wants to sleep. When she sleeps in her stroller I walk fast back home to let her sleep in her crib while I edit photos, write or watch my favourite shows. Few months ago, when the weather was not so nice, if she wanted to sleep I would wrap her in a cloth on my back while I stand up doing the chores listed above
  • After nap I serve her snack and she watches some educational children programs on Netflix. In this way I can prepare dinner.
  • I try to go to bed at a decent time to watch a movie or spend time with hubby

I am no expert in time management but those points shows how I manage my time and try to combine motherhood, wifehood, writer and individualism.


  1. I need to learn how to manage my time better. Hopefully since fall is ahead of us, things will slow down a little. Doubtful but hopefully.

  2. seems like you have a good system - great blog!

  3. Still working on my time management myself, I think am getting better tho

  4. I love watching shows while doing dishes or cooking! No tv at all in the house...wowza!! I want try that when I grow up someday!

  5. Love me some Fashion Star too. <3
    I had a hard time managing time when I was home with Dominic all day, mostly due to lack of funds, and the fact that at the time he was really too small to do much. It's easier to manage my time now that I work. That sounds odd, but somehow my 8 hour day prompts me to think of activities and must do things on the week days. On the weekends I'm more laxed and just let the day happen.


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